Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Graduate; X-Men First Class; Mad Money..Donnie Darko...To Name a Few

Well, hello again, dear blogger. I have been completely and utterly neglecting you. I wish I could say I hadn't meant to... But I needed to organize my life a little. I'm glad you can forgive me.
With that out of the way! Here I am, still cracking jokes and punching things at work and mumbling cuss words at irritating customers... Oh, yes, alive and kicking! I half joked with a lady at work the other day and said, "I doooonnn'tt waaaa *sob* nnnnnttt to wooorrr *sob* kkkk!!!" She asked, "And who's going to take care of you?"... Now, in my head, I find it humorous to answer, "no one, I'll just shoot myself. *chesire grin*" Buuuut, no one else seems to think that's funny, and I can't say that I blame them. So, I just quipped, "Oh, I'll become a hobo with my little rat doggy and have a can begging for money on the side of the road."

I have to say, my thoughts these days are somewhat darker than normal, but I'm never going to apologize for them. I just may not voice them out loud in the moment, but then of course I'll hop onto blogger and shout them out to the world. Good plan, Katalin. Oh, yes, and I'll talk to myself. That's an even better plan.

Despite myself, good movies have managed to wander across my path or into my front yard and they have been a breath of inventive/creative fresh air. There have been so many movies I have not seen because of how I was raised and now that I am older, I have had the priviledge of viewing them. Example: The Graduate. I had heard the barest summary of it as a kid, "a college graduate has an affair with a married woman, and then gets with her daughter." Now... Out of context that seems a revolting plot to watch, interesting drama perhaps, but not something a generation would infamize*. (*and yes, I may have just created a word right there.. but deal with it.) However, upon finally gracing its cinematography with my very own eyeballs, I conclude that that miniscule summary does not summarize the film justly. I had never seen Dustin Hoffman as a young actor and it is always fascinating for me to see anyone I grew up with who was older than me, suddenly around my age in technical terms. Allow me to summarize more fairly: a confused young man is seduced by an older married woman who is friends with his family, but in time, he falls in love with her daughter and determines himself to marry her. There is nothing about this movie that doesn't win you over; I sympathized with his innocent/gullible character and cheered on his determination to get what he wanted. It was fantastic. The fact it is a movie from my parent's generation is another fact I enjoyed it so much. It seems that with some movies we are able to bridge generational gaps and share feelings that any generation can understand. *sigh of nostalgia*
I recently also got to see the movie Mad Money about three woman that decide to commandeer used money from the mint they work at. Aaaaah, yes, if only..... *sigh of resignation* One of my favorite lines is when Queen Latifah gets a phone call from Diane Keaton and she tells her, "Look, I don't want things I can't have.." Diane Keaton scoffs unbelievingly, "Do you live in America?!" Best line! hahaaa!!
Then I also got to see the newest X-men of the ongoing saga. I was reluctant to see it, afraid that that the new cast of actors would not be able to carry it well. I mean, come on! They have some big shoes to fill making this prequel! But despite my fears, it was a Freaking Awesome surprise. I love it when things I don't think are going to be good actually turn out to be great!!! Don't you just love that? I wish, not everything, but more things had that outcome. I know to have good, we have to have bad, but do we have to have sooo much bad?... Well, anyway. So, I have been pleasantly gorging myself on delightful movies popping up like dishes at the Hogwarts dining hall tables. ooooo!!! And I also got to see Donnie Darko! I now understand why people had a hard time describing it to me. Allow me: an emotionally troubled teen manages to dream/time travel the question "what if" the night a plane fuselage crashes into his bedroom and kills him. It also seems to say that whether we cheat death now or not, it will find us if it is our time to go.
Well, my language and grammar leaves something to be desired in this post, but meh... I have made a command decision blogging does not have to be about grammar or not about grammar. It's just about whatever the F*bleep* is running through my darn-cute little thought waves... Yea, see that one? It's Pink! *giggle* lalala And if you aren't convinced by the end of this I'm a weirdo, Hi! Glad you're a part of the club! Have an awesome day! I'll be investigating my next foray into the theater business. Woo-cha!