Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Proposal

It is yet again, another Saturday. I am watching the Proposal after shooting hoops. This movie makes me giggle. If only immigration proposals were really this exciting and kooky. O.k. Well, they sort of are, but actually more dangerous in comparison to this glamorous view of it portrayed in the movie. I really do love this movie though. Even though it is a far cry from reality, that's what movies are: the fairy tale version of real life. My favorite line from this movie though is at the end when Sandra Bullock's character tells Ryan Renold's character, that it is easier to be alone after years of becoming accustomed to it. He tells her that yes, it would be easier......And, I don't remember what he says to get them together, but I just remember that part. It's true though. After being alone for so long and trying to be in a relationship, is like trying to move back home after living on your own. You go from freedom and doing things your way to accommodating the needs and manners of an entirely other person. And love is supposed to make it easier, but usually just ends up complicating matters. Anyone that has loved and been jaded knows what I am talking about. Well, anyway.... I sit and watch this movie and imagine "what if...." The Proposal. Hmmmm.... Makes me giggle.