Saturday, July 17, 2010

Inception: What is real and what is a dream?...

I waited all winter and spring for summer, and now that it's here, I haven't even been able to enjoy the heat. I just melt in it. Not cool, at all. I actually took my lonesome self to the movies again the past week, and it's sad to say, I've acclimated to enjoying a movie by myself. I dressed up in a nice black summer evening dress, put makeup on, fixed my hair, and slipped on my flip-flops for my one recognizable trait. I had wanted to see Inception since I saw the first trailer of it, so I went to see it. The main plot of the movie is that you can be put in a dream state and think that it's real. Inception is the point of slipping you into the dream state (which is really just an architectural maze filled in with details from your subconscious) and extraction is the point when,whoever has put you in the dream, takes information they were looking for in your subconscious. If it sounds complicated, it felt even more delightfully complicated watching it. The beginning hurtles you into a reality, that you find out is a dream, with no background information for you to soak in: you have to listen and absorb the action as it's happening to understand what's happening. It definitely takes a few minutes to adjust to the abrupt beginning as it continues to abruptly switch up on you. It is done cleverly enough, it makes you force your intelligence to meet the challenge of understanding the strange, yet simple complexity of the question: what is reality, but only a dream.
Who hasn't wondered that question: is all this real? What if life is just individual dreams we all have? Is what I believe to be real, really real, or is it just a dream...?
Have you ever wanted to fall asleep so bad, just so that you can escape to the memories in your dreams?......And you fall asleep at the most random times, and you dream of what was, what could have been...And you wake up and don't know where you are, because you thought that maybe, just maybe, falling asleep, you were really waking up to all the things you loved, that all the things that took you away from your happiness hadn't happened. That the dreams were real, and waking back up, you're really just waking back up to the actual dream.....?
That's what this movie made me think of. The truth is, that whatever your mind believes is real...That's reality. So, know your reality, and know your dreams, so that you know when you're waking up.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Despicable Me

It has been a minute since I have blogged last. I have abandoned you, my dear public, because of current personal matters I am coping with. I sincerely apologize for my short absence. It has been a beautiful past week, however, and today was no exception. With a brief heat wave, the cool afternoon was followed by light rain showers. Earlier in the heat, I decided to oust myself from the house and go out. I am not favorable to seeing movies by myself, but no one (myself included) can disagree with the argument that if you have no one to take with you, take yourself. Hence, I took myself. I like Adam Sandler and almost decided to see Grown Ups, but decided instead on the lighter animated Despicable Me.
Summarization: evil thief voiced by Steve Carelle, has to come up with and execute the heist of the century. Somehow along the way, he adopts three little orphan girls to help him carry out part of the heist. As the plot progresses, he becomes attached to the girls and has to decide what is more important: being known for pulling off the heist of the century, or being a father to the three girls.
I liked the movie's inventiveness, it kept the basic story line entertaining. It was fun, I enjoyed myself, and am pretty sure if you don't take yourself too seriously, you would enjoy it as well. It's still summer people, so get out and enjoy that tan and those summer flicks.