Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Not Right Now

This is so ridiculous that I like this poem of mine, but I always feel like I am not done with it. Like my canvas of the geisha girl that took me... what... five years now to complete... This just doesn't feel complete. Usually when I have something that I am not content with it nags at me and bothers me like a pimple. I keep picking at it... and making it worse... But with certain things, like this canvas and my writing, I don't feel the urge to pick at it. It is fine for now, and I feel reassured that inspiration will come, it's just not right now is all.

Movies are so varied.
Movies are all similar.
they are like books
they remind you of the times
spent watching them
the time around watching
them, more than watching them.
I remember a first date
I was so tired and sitting
cold in the theater
standing up my knees almost buckle
he offers to cargarme (carry me)
No I decline with a roll
of the eyes...
sinking chair cushions,
old material, musty cozy smell,
empty living room occupied by an x-box
dvd's and games....
pacing between kitchen
living room, basement, room, kitchen,
piling pizza on a plate:
homemade, broccoli, mushrooms,
turkey pepporoni,
Futon, loft, hanging screen projector,
cuddling and tickling,
if you're hungry, there's, it's o.k
I really didn't want you to reply
(and this I say to make it easier
to run away...I only wish you had
known, I really had wanted you
to reply: you had
to stay:you tried
to love..didn't get the chance...)
I'm sorry...

dark room lit by tv light
old Steve Martin flick,
falling asleep, waking up
you behind me, just holding me
breathing softly,
brushing my arm with your fingertips.....

ah movies. What they do to us.

ah memories. Why are they like photographs?....

Ice Age.
The New World.
10,000 B.C.
The Corpse Bride.
American Beauty.
Family Guy
I"ll keep you all on my shelf.
I'll never stop dusting you off
you'll never stop feeling my care.

I can't forget you all.
And you'll never know me.

How far I've come.
From then till

from waiting to
My best friends girl
from serendipity to
500 Days of Summer....
I can't forget you all.
And you'll never know me.

You'll never know I cared.
You'll never know
I keep you on my shelf still
I rememeber all those little moments.

You'll never know. Me.

Kate Mae J

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Note To Ponder About The Lion King

Morning!! Very, very briefly... So I watched the Lion King twice yesterday, back to back and finally said to myself..... It's interesting that Walt Disney was an aethiest....... And I think at this point when the country and our nation is past the brink of trouble, we need to remember our founding fathers, and their effort and sacrifice that built the United States on freedom and liberty.

BUT Other than that:)
I remember this movie from my childhood fondly *sigh* Good movie... me and my sis laughed a lot over Simone and Poomba
"SHE'S GONNA EAT ME!!!!!!!!!!"

-- Desde Mi iSoul