Monday, August 5, 2013

The Other Guys

Good Afternoon my lovies, it's been an interesting day. Quick routine visit to the doctor, then surprised by getting the day off, organizing some sewing projects, and eating two salads later... I am surrounded by drawing materials and watching a flick that makes me laugh and smile: The Other Guys.

If you haven't seen it or heard of it, it is about two detectives at the low end of the totem pole at a police station in New York. They are the worst match up ever as partners; one has anger issues, the other can't be peeled away from his desk and calculator. The two head detectives end up dead and in their wake all the other detectives are going after their head positions. So, these "other guys" have to start working together and get to know each other to be successful and try to earn the head postings.

I love how Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are so opposite. They clash and somehow compliment each other. I just die laughing when Wahlberg eats dinner with Ferrell and Eva Mendez who plays Ferrell's wife. Wahlberg is in utter shock that Ferrell could ever get with, Let Alone, Marry someone as "hot" as Eva Mendez. Her and Ferrell liken how they first met to "You've Got Mail" with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. How their characters met really has Nothing in common with that movie, and the fact they are likening it to something that is so familiar to me, I intimately know how ridiculous the comparison is.  I have no idea why, but these characters are so ........ endearing to me in their ridiculousness. Will Ferrell brings such a nerdy personage to this movie, and Mark Wahlberg brings such sincerity to someone with over the top anger issues, I feel like just hugging this movie....

I hate to say this, I guess admit this, But I feel like life.... at least "my" life... can be like this.... And you're asking, "like what?.... two ridiculous detectives trying to get promoted?.." And my answer is "no.." I mean life is sometimes ridiculously unbelievable, we all have issues, we all react to stuff that happens differently, we are never "normal" (what is normal) and looking on the outside in, everything can seem so bizarre, but being on the inside of a situation, it's normal. Things that you have always known seem regular to you, but to me it's like hearing about life on Mars.

I sound so ridiculous talking about serious life in comparison to this movie, so I will shut up. But(!) I am happy and feel "at home" watching this.  I can't believe it is almost fall again, kids will be back in school soon, hopefully the weather will get cooler and not so hot. I hope all your summers are exciting and you were able to have some fun. If not I am rooting that there is some fun and excitement just waiting around the corner for you.

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