Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Princess Bride



      It is a balmy autumn afternoon, I am finally not just off work, but finally home after sitting in traffic for an hour. Oh yea!

So, I finished eating my humble dinner, feeding zee pooch and am now going to blog and tell you all lovely peepsters about a movie you are probably familiar with already, but I'd like to ramble on about anyway.

 I am watching the Princess Bride. This movie was made in 1987, a year before I was even born. It is about a country girl, Buttercup, that falls in love with the farm boy, Wesley who loved her before she ever even realized he did. They must overcome the obstacles of time, separation, pirates, fire swamps, huge rodents, torture, eels, six-fingered men, and an evil prince. But despite it all, they overcome it all because they have true-love. And as Wesley tells Buttercup when she asks how he can be so sure they will see each other again, "This is true love.... Do you think this happens every day?"

This movie is random and brilliant. Cary Elwes and Robin Wright Penn are still young and fresh faced. True love conquers all. It is refreshing to watch in its uniqueness and comforting in its charismatic nostalgia. It is sweet optimism in its childlike faith and belief in the everlasting emotion of true love.

I love this movie. I don't have much more to say. I'm just enjoying watching the movie. So, I hope your Sunday is hope filled and optimism abounds to carry you into a productive and positive Monday. .

Good evening my darlings,

Read Riding Hood

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Good evening my dears, it is getting late for me, and I am delighted to be able to bring a pretty recent film into the blogger "limelight."

I had the good fortune of purchasing the latest version of  the classic fairy tale of Snow White: the princess who's spirit is connected with nature and brings peace to the land by ridding a kingdom of an evil queen.  This version is titled "Snow White and the Huntsman." Starring Kirsten Stewart and Charlize Theron, it definitely isn't camera shy of any close ups. Aside from familiar faces, the story line is more of an epically sculpted landscape than the more previous fluffy adaptions.  I thoroughly enjoyed the extended cut that lasts two hours and fifteen minutes of graphic battle scenes and impressive digital effects. I had been wavering as to whether I really wanted to spend the money to buy this, but I was excuisitely surprised and pleased to have made the purchase.

This version provides a background glimpse into the evil queen's beginnings and as the story matures, so does our understanding of what molded her into such wickedness. But just as we come to understand the queens horrific past, we also are able to see the parallel childhood of the princess and how both girls dealt with tragedy in opposite manners. There is a line that the now grown princess confides, "I used to hate her (the evil queen, Ravenna) but now I only feel sadness...."

When Snow White is awakened by the kiss of her true love, she speaks to rally the people to aide her against the queen and she says, "I have seen what she (the evil queen) sees... I can kill her..." She understands why she is evil, she does not judge her, but she cannot stand by and watch her destroy innocent peoples lives.

Have you ever had to survive something? Have you ever faced captivity and faced evil?

There are two types of people. People that cannot stand up to evil and cower to it. And then there are people that look into the face of evil, and refuse to look away until they see into the heart of evil, and they do not turn away; they recognize it as something that dwells in all of us, and they stand up to it and rise above it.

There are flowers that wilt in frost and winter, and then there are flowers that bloom and remain strong despite what the world has surrounded them with.

I am going to say, sometimes surviving is merely holding onto an unexplainable faith that there is something good- something worth holding out for- waiting for us in the near future.  And when we find that hope, that bright light..... we would rather die that day fighting for that light and hope than live another day of "this death," as Snow White calls it when rallying everyone to her.

In summation, I am wishing for you all that if you have not yet found that light, to hold on to faith: I Know you will find it if you never stop hoping and looking for it.

And to those of you that Have found that light.. you have found that hope. .... I implore you to have the courage and strength to fight to hold onto it. If you work at never losing it and fighting for it, you are truly alive, anything else is only a shadow of what your life has to offer you.

I would never ask of you my dear readers anything I do not demand of myself as well. Life is difficult and we are all unique individuals with similar and different pasts, but we are all the same at our cores. We all contain good and evil in us, and it is up to us to decide which we will give into, which we will survive from and which we will hold onto and never let go. Be honest and courageous. I was not born a fighter, but I have trained myself to fight for what I love, anything else is not living, anything else would only fill me with regret and useless wishing.

Always with ernest hope,

Read Riding Hood

Monday, September 3, 2012

Catching Fire

Well, this isn't my usual note on a movie. And actually I'm just commenting some more on Hunger Games. I recently saw a teenager post on instagram suggesting watching the olympics felt like watching the hunger games..... She used the quote, "may the odds be ever in your favor..."

I hope the greater population of teenagers is not as unaware of reality as that individual.

 The olympics is nothing like the hunger games.

The hunger games is an example of what happens when we let the government take all our control away and we become nothing more than a nation ruled by communism.

Communism is when the government takes the riches of our hard work and lives off of it and leaves us the scraps and rations.

Communism is when the government keeps us under control by taking away our freedom and right to defend ourselves.

Communism is when they keep us divided and pit us against each other using propaganda and taking away individual privacy.

The Hunger Games has nothing to do with the Olympics. the Hunger Games is about loss of freedom.

The Olympics is something we have because we still have freedom and rights to use our God given talents and skills to better ourselves and stand as proud examples for our world's nations.

Remember. The Hunger Games is so frightening, because it could possibly happen.