Friday, September 13, 2013


Hello my dear fellow peepsters, it has been a delightful day of exploration for me. Do you ever decide to try to re-create yourself? Do you ever decide to try to clear out all the old baggage and/or negative debris that clings to you like all that junk that was clinging onto Sarah in The Labyrinth? Do you ever decide to ruthlessly cut away and discard the useless junk and only carry the most important things (which usually end up not being "concrete-things" anyway...)?

I am Constantly trying to do that. It is hard at times, because I am naturally born and raised to be frugal. So, discarding items is a fine line between wasting and just being reasonable; on the other hand, not discarding is a fine line between being frugal and a pack rat.

 An old pair of pants that "could" be altered.....
A wood plaque that "could" be stripped and sanded down for a new art project....

 But am I ever going to take the time to do that?..
Would it Really be saving me time and money?....
Have I So Far taken the time to do any of those things? ...

 Answer:    no.

So, I am clearing away the debris and starting fresh.
And in doing so, I have made room for new things. I read in my Happiness Project journal to clear off a shelf and leave it empty and clean: making empty space can be uplifting because it has clean open potential. Always give yourself room for potential growth, we become hemmed in with all of life's trappings, but try to leave room for your mind to breath, in leaving some open air for your mind, you also are freeing your body.

So, I cleared off a shelf of my own and made room for something new: BeetleJuice. First off, I had never seen this "BeetleJuice" till yesterday. I decided to try it out on that clean shelf and see if I liked it. I do like it, but let me just say... Pre-tty wild. It was not what I imagined for some reason. What did I imagine?.... I don't know... I guess I didn't imagine BeetleJuice being the sort of "savior/villian" he turned out to be. I REALLY wasn't expecting the fabulous adult humor tossed through this either! I had no idea the movie would be more about the deceased married couple and their becoming acclimated to the compromised way of life, well, after-life, they found themselves in. However, despite all of the unexpectedness, I enjoyed it.

Suicide seems to be an underlying topic in this film too. You find out suicide cases become these fairy looking civil servants for all afterlife cases.... hmmmm....  Anyway, I also had a moment realizing, that Wow, I had never really seen Alec Baldwin so young. He's still good looking as an older man, but now I can see why they called him a stud in Red October ( a film I watched vaguely as a kid and have no real memory of it at all.) ANYWAY.

I enjoyed the odd spelling of his name in the movie "BeetleGuese." Michael Keaton is just flipping nuts, man. He's really cool. Think about this for a moment. The man played BatMan. The man played BeetleJuice. He was in The Other Guys. He has played the full spectrum, and is just amazing. Imagine being that open minded. I want to be like that.

So, I am totally being spacey and jumping all over random subjects, so I will shut up and hope you take care my dears, and try something new, trust yourself to do something different and break out of the daily grind. Be safe and have a happy weekend!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

From Up On Poppy Hill: true love is always young love

 Good early afternoon all my dears, it is a cloudy day here, and the threat of rain is hanging over us all.  I am actually off of work and just arrived home from the river. I enjoyed quiet time at the river and I ate my early lunch before coming home and tucking myself up to maybe write, watch some movies, and thumb through some books.

I had the pleasure of watching the latest Ghibli film, From Up On Poppy Hill. I first found out about it a while ago from a trailer on YouTube. Since the poppy is my favorite flower, the title alone drew me in. It is about two school kids in post World War II Japan that fall in love with each other.

I think Studio Ghibli enjoys sharing stories about love, and more specifically, about young love, or love found by people young in heart, people new and fresh to finding true love. Like Howl's Moving Castle, the characters aren't necessarily young, but upon falling in love with each other, the love they share isn't messy, it is pure and adulterated, it is a love that children often find and lose and that adults are lucky to ever find again. The love I am talking about is a love that doesn't stem from lust or loneliness, but a love that sparks between two individuals over a connection. Two people can be a perfect match for each other, but if they don't have that "love" for each other, it's like that saying, "who cares for all the crinkling of a pie, if at the bottom some sweetness doth not lie?." It basically is saying even if a pie looks perfect, if it doesn't taste sweet, no one will care  for it. And just like two people, even if they look "picture perfect" together, if there is no love, what's the point?

As we become adults, we go through experiences that jade us and we begin to look at all our childhood dreams as "childish notions" that should be set aside to "grow up." As little girls we want our prince charming, and as little boys we want our princess, but sometimes growing up, life and circumstance gets in the way and over time we convince ourself that the notion of finding "prince charming" and finding "our princess" is ridiculous and foolish. This is where we are wrong. It is not wrong to hope for our prince, or our princess's, we just have to grow smarter about seeing things for what they are. It is not wrong to love, but it is wrong to stay with someone just because you love them, when all they do is hurt you and never give back the same love you gave them. As young people too often we fall in love with someone that we "see" as our prince/princess, when really love has blinded us and what we mistake as royalty is really just the opposite.
So, what am I trying to say?....
Never stop believing in love.
Never stop hoping for your fairy tale.
Women, We should want a prince charming!
Men, You should want a princess!
But don't go looking for a princess in a slut
and don't go looking for a prince in a player.
And if you want a prince, don't present yourself as anything less than a princess.
And if you want a princess, don't present yourself as anything less than a prince.
AND never settle for less than Exactly what makes you happy.
Learn to recognize what's in front of you, and don't beat yourself up for loving people, you can't help who you love. But you can help what you do and who you get involved with.

Watching From Up On Poppy Hill, I enjoy the belief that true love is always young love, no matter what age it finds us; whether it is like the little children in Ponyo, or these young adults in Poppy Hill.