Thursday, December 1, 2011

Read Riding Hood is As Lucky Does

that hace
seven months-
now eight-
Now nine months
I got My fresh start:
My chance to chase
My dreams
My hopes
My want
My need
For a
Different me.
How lucky....
Some never even get
I got:
A home
Location isn't everything...
What a place can offer you
Is. Everything.
I used to say
'I say goodbye when I say hello..'
And Now-
How lucky(?)(!) am i that I can say
i say
My love of my life
Mijo mio
My baby
How lucky i am
To have him-
He has Already(!)
Taught. Me:
You must let go to gain;
You must give to get;
You must do what is best for
And everything else
..into place.
How. Lucky. i am.....
That I have my chance
To be
i want to be
Could be...
just what i am.
i am lucky,
nine months
I got my fresh start.
I got my new life.
And I
Never Thought
I'd say this(......!)
I can Only Go Up....

From: Here.

To: there, Here, near, Far, anywhere

i am lucky.

To everyone that has helped me and been (and still IS) a support to me. Thank you. I wouldn't be where I am without every single one of you. I am lucky, I am blessed. I refuse to disappoint you.

I refuse to disappoint. Myself.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bad Teacher

It has now been seven months since I moved from Colorado.

And it has now been three days since I just returned from my first visit back to my home state.

I am watching Enough. The third movie I have watched now since getting back.

The first movie I watched was Dumb & Dumber..... apart from hearing it mentioned from a few different sources, my mom and dad got it for me on blu-ray. Watching it, it wasn't how I remembered it, which actually was kind of shocking. I'm not used to movies not being how I remember them. After pondering it, I guess this is a good sign, since I did want to change my lifestyle. And the fact I now see things differently.... It made me glad it wasn't the way I remembered.

The second movie I watched was Bad Teacher. I would have watched it with Charmane, but stupid me, spaced that, "Oh! duh, Katalin! Nobody but you has a blu-ray player!" So, I just had to wait to watch it upon getting back here too. I enjoyed it, it made me laugh at the irony life plays on you when you realize that what you want changes when you change as a person.

And now here I am watching Enough with Nana and Papa. It's a good movie. And while I could blog right now, I actually have to go right now and call Charmane to say hi.

I'm going to have to start organizing my life, I have actual things to take care of. I will have to MAKE time for blogging. *smile*

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just Not Right Now

This is so ridiculous that I like this poem of mine, but I always feel like I am not done with it. Like my canvas of the geisha girl that took me... what... five years now to complete... This just doesn't feel complete. Usually when I have something that I am not content with it nags at me and bothers me like a pimple. I keep picking at it... and making it worse... But with certain things, like this canvas and my writing, I don't feel the urge to pick at it. It is fine for now, and I feel reassured that inspiration will come, it's just not right now is all.

Movies are so varied.
Movies are all similar.
they are like books
they remind you of the times
spent watching them
the time around watching
them, more than watching them.
I remember a first date
I was so tired and sitting
cold in the theater
standing up my knees almost buckle
he offers to cargarme (carry me)
No I decline with a roll
of the eyes...
sinking chair cushions,
old material, musty cozy smell,
empty living room occupied by an x-box
dvd's and games....
pacing between kitchen
living room, basement, room, kitchen,
piling pizza on a plate:
homemade, broccoli, mushrooms,
turkey pepporoni,
Futon, loft, hanging screen projector,
cuddling and tickling,
if you're hungry, there's, it's o.k
I really didn't want you to reply
(and this I say to make it easier
to run away...I only wish you had
known, I really had wanted you
to reply: you had
to stay:you tried
to love..didn't get the chance...)
I'm sorry...

dark room lit by tv light
old Steve Martin flick,
falling asleep, waking up
you behind me, just holding me
breathing softly,
brushing my arm with your fingertips.....

ah movies. What they do to us.

ah memories. Why are they like photographs?....

Ice Age.
The New World.
10,000 B.C.
The Corpse Bride.
American Beauty.
Family Guy
I"ll keep you all on my shelf.
I'll never stop dusting you off
you'll never stop feeling my care.

I can't forget you all.
And you'll never know me.

How far I've come.
From then till

from waiting to
My best friends girl
from serendipity to
500 Days of Summer....
I can't forget you all.
And you'll never know me.

You'll never know I cared.
You'll never know
I keep you on my shelf still
I rememeber all those little moments.

You'll never know. Me.

Kate Mae J

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Note To Ponder About The Lion King

Morning!! Very, very briefly... So I watched the Lion King twice yesterday, back to back and finally said to myself..... It's interesting that Walt Disney was an aethiest....... And I think at this point when the country and our nation is past the brink of trouble, we need to remember our founding fathers, and their effort and sacrifice that built the United States on freedom and liberty.

BUT Other than that:)
I remember this movie from my childhood fondly *sigh* Good movie... me and my sis laughed a lot over Simone and Poomba
"SHE'S GONNA EAT ME!!!!!!!!!!"

-- Desde Mi iSoul

Friday, September 30, 2011

Yes, Man: A Year Later

Oh. My. Holy. Cow. Batman.

A year ago I was watching Yes, Man with my baby's father. And now after calling my mom to wish her a happy birthday, I can hear my grandparents in the living room watching Yes, Man after my suggestion.... And they are laughing and it makes me glad that our generations can find common ground in comedy.. And I want to cry happy, nostalgic, melancholy tears. How ironic..... Yes. How ironic indeed.

Life came knocking on my door.. And I answered with, yes.

-- Desde Mi iSoul

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bridesmaids & Loving Myself Just The Way I Am

So! A quick hello before I am off to apply to a University! True to plan, I went by and got my blu-ray copy of Bridesmaids and I can't wait to watch it tonight!=) I loved it in theaters and I'm downloading my digital copy nyah!!!

A friend asked me yesterday what does "blog" mean... and Why would I want to "do that" as in "write whatever on the internet that anyone/everyone can read about.."
After replying because I want people to read what I have to say, he still asked, "but why...?" So, I grumbled, "Because I'm pathetic and lonely!" He retorted, "Why would you talk negatively about yourself like that?" Exasperated I said, "WEll! You didn't like my first answer, so I had to think of some kind of response to pacify you!"

So, when the world doesn't understand you... Don't change your answer. If they get it, they get it. If they don't, they don't.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Revisiting Inception

So..... Here I am again. But this time watching Inception. Again.

And I notice... that Cob says, "don't jump... don't take a leap of faith.."

But don't people usually say to take a leap of faith with things?.... Isn't that what "They" say?...

and like in ElizabethTown.. who is "they?"....

And is what "they" know right, or is what I know right?....

I'm rambling. My brain is all jazzed up. I'm going to go relax. Night peepsters.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Brooklyn's Finest

I am having an off day. I have slipped back into my insecure-rut personality and it is frustrating and irritating me beyond belief. I know what has to change in my life... And I know what has to be done to change that...

And I'm watching this movie Brooklyn's Finest while stewing in my self-loathing and I can associate with all the main antagonists: I am sick and tired of that lifestyle: I am ready to retire: I am ready to get my dreams and my hopes and my aspirations back.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Royal Tenenbaums

I woke up at the delightful hour of ..... Well, by-gones will be by-gones. Griffon hopped up next to me and continued to pester me till I dragged my sore self out of bed, flicked on my light and turned around to see all his effort was merely to steal my warm spot that I left bare: the little turkey.
I stumbled across a stray can of RedBull (SCORE!!) in the fridge,

stumbled back to my room, glanced over at my dvd's (as usual).. And spied my recent purchase of The Royal Tenenbaums.

The last time I watched this was.... Eight almost nine years ago.. I didn't go to the regular theater very much at all and so I didn't end up seeing it till it was previously previewed at BlockBuster for $4.99. aaah the good old days. And when I finally saw it, it became embedded in my mind's eye, in my memory.. And it just stuck there. I even wrote a short story inspired by it for my first english class (on which I recieved an A+.) And all of this from only watching it once in my life. And here I am twenty-two years old, watching it for the second time in my life. And it feels like yesterday I watched it. How strange how things like that work....

My favorite characters are the main antagonist women, Margot and Ethel.

And I guess Pagoda is pretty sweet.


It always seems like women are the glue in-between everything, holding it all together.


Favorite lines:

" 'Cause I'm in a rut, and I need a change."


..."It's these little expressions of yours.."


"Goodbye, Royal."


I love the awkwardness of it all. And ya know what?... When something/someone is really real, and really belongs somewhere with someone, it doesn't matter how often you see it/them/her/him or how much time gets in-between you both... When you end up next to each other or in front of each other again.. It's like you never left in the first place. And I think everyone reading this would assume in some form of what the hell I'm talking about... And I can safely say, none of you know what/who I am talking about.. And that's ok, I like having my secrets.

-- Desde Mi iSoul

This is an english short story I wrote in my first english class I was in at Community College of Aurora. I based it very loosely off the film the Royal Tenenbaums. I was "inspired" as they say. ... oh, yea. I got a 99% on it, so that's good. And of course, it's about a dog... Wow. Haven't changed that much after all.

Katalin Johnson

July 5, 2005

English Composition/ ENG 121, Section 313

“Bruno” by Katalin Johnson

It was a hot, sticky summer afternoon. The older woman’s granddaughter was coming over to visit that day. The plate of chocolate chip cookies was already on the coffee table, beside two glasses of milk. Climbing up the creaking stairs to the attic, she wondered what picture they’d look at today. The skylight in the attic allowed the sunshine to beam dusty rays of light onto the room’s floor. Picking up a worn shoe-box, the grandma brushed the dust off before going back downstairs. She set the box on the coffee table as well, and sat on the worn couch to wait.

An old dog slept in the dining room, lying on an over sized throw-pillow. The grandma would have nodded off to sleep herself in the warm breeze of the fan, had the doorbell not rung. Groaning, she rose from the sunken position of the couch and creaked her way over to the door. Swinging the door open, the grandma was greeted by the smiling faces of her grown son and his daughter: her granddaughter.

Blinking in the bright sunlight, she invited them in, but the son declined. He only had enough time to drop his little girl off, before heading to work. Pecking his mom and daughter on the cheek, he quickly left in a cloud of exhaust.

The granddaughter stepped into the house and practically bounced over to the couch in her excitement. The little girl’s enthusiasm had always yearned for another picture; she had always wanted another story. The grandma following noticed her granddaughter instantly went for the cookies. While the younger girl flounced onto the couch, the older woman sat down more carefully. Leaning over, the grandma snagged the box and pulled it onto her lap. As she opened it the girl snuggled closer, while continuing to chew on her cookie.

“What picture are you going to pick today, Grandma?”

The grandma smiled secretively, knowing the perfect story to tell. Ruffling through the disheveled pictures, she pulled out a faded one.

“Is it a new story today, Grandma?”

The older woman held out the grainy photo for the girl to view. Looking at the picture in her hand, the story unfolded in front of the older woman with the flash of a camera.

It was taken many, many years ago; taken just before her granddaughter was a glimmer. It was a day in late autumn, when all the leaves were had fallen on the lawns, and the orange light of dusk fell warmly on concrete sidewalks. The couple living in the house in the center of the block, on the right, was getting ready for a holiday. Not a usual holiday, but for a holiday involving their three sons coming home for a visit. The parents had lived alone for quite a number of years and were excited to have the house full of people again. Their sons rarely ever came to visit anymore, what with their worldly-lives and jobs elsewhere. But this weekend they would all be coming to visit.

Like most families, the individual sons varied widely in their interests. The eldest was a doctor. Having slaved through college and worked his way into the big city’s medical industry, he was (in short) a health-nut. The middle son was a cigarette manufacturer. He not only sold cigarettes, he had a smoke in place of his meals, as well. The youngest was a photographer. Just out of college, he took pictures of everything. There wasn’t a moment you didn’t catch him without the camera in his hands, snapping pictures.

The mom and dad cleaned up the house and got everything ready. The mom told the dad what to clean up, while she baked the enormous quantities of food in the kitchen. Everything was ready by the time the sons all arrived, at exactly four p.m.

The evening didn’t start off well, as the doctor and cigarette manufacturer disagreed about absolutely everything, except their mother’s cooking. That, they both agreed, was the best food ever prepared. In the mean time, the photographer got pictures of everything, from the distracted older brothers, to the smiling parents, and to the dead-looking dog. The dog caught his eye, because his parents had never owned a dog. The mom seeing her youngest son eyeing the dog piped up over the din,

“I allowed your father to get it since he says he’s lonely. We named him Bruno.” The son, nodding, moved away from the table to take a picture of it. Trying to get the dog to move, he picked it up. It felt like a bag of jelly and acted like one too. Leaning back on his heals, he tried to get a good angle of the dog. Taking the picture, the camera flashed. Usually a dog would blink or flinch when its picture was taken, but this dog just laid there. Picking it up, he addressed his dad.

“Uh, your dog isn’t looking too well dad.”

The cigarette manufacturer, while exhaling a breath of smoke, looked over.

“Geez,” he said, “you killed it with your camera.”

The doctor cut in,

“No it didn’t. Your sickening smoke did.”

The mother cut in,

“Oh, for God’s sake, neither of those things did it. That dog has acted like that since we got it.”

Then the dad rose up from his chair, picked up the dog, and cradled it to his chest, before heading out the door.

Being an impulsive dad, he herded the entire family into their huge, over-sized van and headed to the veterinarian’s office. Driving quickly, the dad plopped the limp form of the dog in the mom’s lap. A hub-bub of noise ensued during the ride and finally in the vet’s office. The mom was whining at the dad, why she’d let him get the dog in the first place. The oldest son argued it was the all the cigarette smoke making it ill. The middle son blew a few smoke rings. The youngest son was snapping pictures like crazy, his flash bulb on his camera flashing continually. The vet, entering the room, couldn’t get a word in anywhere. He tried to ask why a flock of squawking parrots was in his office. Suddenly, the youngest son yelled,

“I want a picture of everybody! Squeeze together!”

Everyone’s train of thought was cut short, and they mumbled to themselves while shuffling together; even the doctor obliged by crowding in with them. Everyone looked up and posed. Everyone’s face was strained and wrinkled in irritation. Everyone’s eyes turned to the dog.

Suddenly the dead-looking dog raised his head as if on cue.

The photographer took the picture with a blinding flash.

The dog’s head plopped back down on its chest.

The silence followed. And the arguing began, once again, shortly after.

The urgent tugging of little hands, sweaty and sticky from chocolate chips, pulled on the grandma’s shirt-sleeve. The afternoon was only growing more humid and the glasses of milk had beads of cold water evaporated dripping down the sides. The grandma snapped back to reality and looked at her granddaughter’s pinched face of anxiety.

“Grandma? Grandma? Was Bruno OK? Is he still OK?”

They both cast a glance at Bruno sleeping in the dining room. The younger cast a glance of anxiety; the elder had a glance of humor. Chuckling lightly at the poor absurdity of it all, the grandma patted her granddaughter’s hand reassuringly.

“Oh, yes,” she replied, “Bruno was perfectly fine; and, he’s still fine. The vet couldn’t explain why he slept all the time except he was extremely lethargic.” With a nod of confused satisfaction, the girl suddenly grinned with a toothy-grin.

“Dad got everyone together didn’t he? He told everyone to get together for the picture, didn’t he?”

“Yes, he sure did.”

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Magic School Bus

I am on my lunch (yes, my lunch at 9:30 a.m. and the children's show The Magic School Bus is on. Aaaah to be young again. Enjoy:

This made me feel bright and bushy tailed!! Woo-cha!! Ready to take on zhee day!!:)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Young Frankenstien & Lemons

It has been a long few weeks for me, one of the reasons being I decided to take my own dad's advice and get rid of all my bad memories. Unfortunately, a lot of those are connected with my extensive dvd collection.

Due to my conviction, however, I have boxed up so many at a time and gone and sold them for a pathetically low price that hopefully someone else will appreciate and be able to take them home and enjoy. I am making a list of the ones I want to get again, just on blu-ray and not on dvd.
It feels so ridiculous that material objects can remind us so much of certain moments in our lives. I remember when Park Meadows mall first opened and my family went to see it, I had an old dime copy of the hobbit, with a mustard colored sheaf. Whenever I look at that book I can still remember hopping out of the car, trying to stuff into my blue shoulder purse and telling my dad, my favorite chapter was where Bilbo is overhearing the trolls talking about mutton stew.
Show me a movie and I'll tell you another memory entwined with it.
I am trying to start fresh with certain things, I want to let them go and be able to say, "Ok, let's do this again."
Not to mention, I still have a few movies I have never seen and would like to investigate.
Dr. Frankenstien being one of them.

I watched it for the first time a few weeks ago and it being a "blah" day, merely sat in a vegetable state staring at it in a monotone thinking, "I don't get it, I don't really care.. Thank god I have drawing to keep me occupied while suffering through this.."

However, since then I have watched it twice more and there is something about it... that.. has grown on me.

I think I was so against it at first because it was different, and I have a hard time dealing with change. I have always struggled with change, so much that even when I started taking theater classes, the hardest part for me was improv games because I didn't know how to just let go, and... go with the flow. I have learned A LOT since those days, and now, after sitting and letting Dr. Frankenstein steep on the back burner of my mind, I am watching it now, and enjoying it.

I notice a difference in growing accustomed to things you choose to change in your life and things that are just thrown on you that you have to just accustumbrate yourself to. The former is of your own will and desire, and with patience can be accomplished and enjoyed or moved on from. But something that is just thrown at you and you have to bite the bullet and just deal with... It has to be learned to love. Things that are thrown at us in life, I like to call those lemons.

I have learned to love them, but I will never settle for them. I don't ever want to settle for a lemon, I want to end up with something I looked for and that I can tell myself, "This is what life handed me, but this is what I want.." And go.....

I wish the same for you all as well. I wish that despite the lemons strewn across your path in life, you are able to look past them and still be able to search out the things you want and go after them.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

wake me......when september ends......

wake me
when september ends.
wake me when the
and the
melancholy has passed on.

Wake me up
Let me cry.
Wake me up
and tell me
This is where I want to be.
Wake me up- and tell me

you're not gone.

Wake me up
Be by my side.
wake me up
and tell me
it hasn't already been a decade
without you.

my love.

you surprised me.

I thought.
I was awake.
I'm going back to bed now.
Don't let them wake me


without you.

Ten years

isn't enough time

to get



Wake me up.
when heaven is here-


when you're next to me.
wake me up
my love.
Wake up with me.

my love.

Wake up......

I don't want to wake up

without you

anymore.... stop. stop. don't wake up....

come back to me.


dedicated to everyone that lost something on this day. We all lost something. And we all are left here without the things we loved and lost. It hurts to think the things and people we lost are thinking the same thing on the other side. We are not alone in this loss. We are all in this together. I cry with every one of you all, and I smile with you over all the good memories. Please do not forget the beauty there still is in this world. I know the love we lost is still out there. Do not think it isn't

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Under The Tuscan Sun

So, my dear fellow bloggers, facebookers..... etc. etc. Here I am yet again surfing and typing my heart away on this computer. I have completely chosen a 180 degree path change for my life: including renaming this blog. So, I find it only fitting that I should bring up a movie that most closely resembles my life in these most recent series of moments I have lived so far. The feature film being, what else, but Under the Tuscan Sun.

After a very recent divorce, Francesca gets talked into going on a tour of Tuscany to get away and while there sees a villa she decides on the spur of the moment to buy with the little bit of money left to her name... And thus begins her journey of her new life.

How can I NOT compare this movie to my own life?.... More of a rhetorical question than an actual one, I suppose.

So, if I was to review the movie but edit in the blanks from my own life what would it sound like.....

After a very recent break-up and death of three close family members, Katalin on the spur of the moment decides to move to San Antonio and take her dog and the last little bit of money and the last bit of sanity she has with her. And thus .... well, is the end of yet another sad chapter in her series of unfortunate events and the beginning of a series of random perchance occasions she puts herself in and at times just "coincidently" finds herself in.

Aaaaaand I have had someone tell me that I am boring, and that I am sad, AGAIN.. and that I should get "dolled" up and go out and dance and "find a boyfriend." I laugh out loud and think, "Is it really that simple?" L.O.L. And I have had someone tell me that when you stop looking so hard for something and just go with the flow, it will usually show up on its own. ...

So, I put myself on the path I want every morning and I wait to see what happens.... ...

Today, I got up, drank two RedBulls, ate breakfast, started laundry, took a nap, drank another RedBull, got out, ate a hamburger kid's meal with apples instead of fries and a strawberry lemonade, spent time with my aunt, uncle, and two cousins, went to the bookstore and picked out a book (duh, can never leave there without one...) and then came home, ate popcorn shrimp and put on Stranger Than Fiction for my grandparents to watch.
I'm not sure what this all adds up to.... But little...well, fully am I aware that...

This is what I do, this is who I am. ...

And tomorrow I will go to work, and let the day do the rest. Who knows, maybe I'll do something awesome like .... stumble across a ladybug...
or invent a cake made out of cake doughnuts....or indulge in cookies and milk after an atrocious day. Who knows? I don't. But I know it'll be awesome. Because it's mine... and no one else's.


This is what I'm going to do.... and this is who I am going to be...


Thursday, August 25, 2011

That's What She Said

This is my blog Re-Discovered. This is my story.

Goodbye "That's What She Said"

You are what got me started

And I will always remember that.

And you're thinking "pfffsht...that's what she said.."
And you'd be right...

That's what I am thinking while spending my days here in Texas=)

Yup...But that's not what She Said..

That's what I say.

Hello "Under The Texan Sun"

Monday, August 22, 2011

Super Troopers, What-A-Burger, & The Rocketeer & Joe versus The Volcano

So my dear readers, here I am. Life has granted me the grace and possibility to love and to lose. I realize now, when people ask if it is better to love and to have lost, or to not have loved at all.... They are not asking or comparing, they are trying to see if you know that none of that matters. What matters is if you realize that love without loss, is not love at all. Without loss we cannot know love; without love, we cannot understand loss. If we had never tasted bad, how would we know what good is in comparison?.....

Anyway... Translation into normal english.

There are plenty of normal things I do and I have rediscovered. Liiiike the simplicity of going to the bookstore and finding a patch of bare carpet and planting myself indian style down and peeling the cover of my journal back and jotting down my random feelings and thoughts. I have rediscovered speaking my thoughts without filtering them. I have rediscovered the wonderful cash-chewy-ness of cashew chicken and rice. I have rediscovered the splendor of the movie theater and how comforting it has been and can be at times of great stress. I have rediscovered new things I hadn't tried before, like the movie, Super Troopers.

This is what I have been missing this whole time!!?!?... Sad day that I've existed this long without this awesome laugh... But happy day, that from now on I am aware that it's here for me if I should ever need a good laugh.
I have rediscovered what it's like to have family... and to have family that actually cares about you; family that wants to spend time with you and get to know. People that love you.. for just being you.
I have rediscovered my appetite for food... And What-A-Burger.
I have rediscovered curiosity for stories hidden in between the lines of peoples stories around me, abbreviated and hidden in the square plaques we put on our cars officially called "license plates." Every plate is a story.... If only I was able to look into the history of each one, imagine the crazy and stupendously boring things I would hear about.
I have rediscovered the memories and new enjoyment of watching old flicks I grew up on, like The Rocketeer. I thought Lady Luck was one of the prettiest and most classic looking actresses Ihad ever seen and I still think so.
I have rediscovered the understanding of my own story, and the stories that brought me here. I have rediscovered the glory and comedy of Joe Versus the Volcano once more. "They look like little monsters... But, they're good little monsters.".... "Long ago, the delicate tangles of his hair, covered the emptiness of my palm...." Look I don't know you, you're angry... I can see that. I'm very troubled... I'm not ready to.. There's only so much time, so use it well... I'm sitting here talking to you, I don't want to throw it away...
I have no response to that..
Then maybe you should take me back to the hotel....
Will you meet me for breakfast?... I told you I was a flibberty-gibbet. I'm sorry I was so grotesque last night. Can I ask you a question?... Why are you dressed as Jungle Jim?


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Shining

o.k. So after my productive day off... EEEk except for doing my laundry... (must get on that....) I am now watching The Shining... In broad daylight with my blinds open enough to let daylight in... Yes. I am a chicken when it comes to horror and I am not too prideful to admit it.

Shining : definition: n. sixth sense

I had read the book by Stephen King a long time ago, but since forgotten the meaning behind the title. The little boy has a friend "Tony" that lives in his mouth and tells him things that have happened or things that will happen. The boys dad gets a job as a winter caretaker at a hotel in the mountains. I'm sure EVERYONE knows it's the hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. And I'm sure EVERYONE has seen it a long time ago, so I'll skip over all the sordid details. But I will say, I had forgotten the shining refers to the sixth sense that is stronger in some people than in others.
What absolutely makes this beyond creepy for me, is that I remember that road driving up to that hotel, I remember those mountains. I know that place personally. The actors casted are creepy looking people too (duh) and the music is a lot of "white noise." I Hate...I loathe...I despise... I ABHOR white noise. GIVES ME THE HEEBIES JEEBIES AND OBVIOUSLY IT'S NOT JUST ME THAT FEELS THAT WAY!!!!!!
At the beginning, while the hotel owner is showing the wife and husband around the grounds, a black man that is the hotel manager, Mr. Halloran, takes their little boy, Danny to get some ice cream to keep him occupied for a bit. He recognizes that the boy has telepathic abilities and asks Danny to talk with him about it. Mr. Halloran explains that he used to have conversations with his grandmother for hours without ever opening their mouths and she described it as them having a shining to them that some had and "others didn't."

Now that the sun is going down, I have turned the volume down and put on the subtitles. Just too plain creepy to keep this turned up. I bet Danny wishes he had a remote he could use to turn off his telepathy with.

And on that short and cheery note, I hope you all get some sleep, because guess what? Tomorrow is Friday!! Again!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011


It is my Friday... well, my first friday.. cuz then Wednesday is my second Friday... and real Friday isn't really a Friday at all... So, yea.... Anyhoo.....

And I spent the morning at work, and kicked some dragons, then napped (cuz kicking dragons will take the punch out of one's self..) and then passed a languid 45 minutes at 1/2 priced books and came home to eat a lovely Betty Crocker's dinner prepared by mi Nana with Bluebell ice cream and strawberries for dessert. After watching Sleepless in Seattle the other evening for the first time, the subject of Tom Hank's looks got brought up and I asked if they remembered the movie Big he was in......Aaaaand the answer was a big fat "No" cuuuz, they'd never even seen it. (!)What!!??
So, as of this moment, we are almost done watching Big, about a kid that made a wish at a carnival that he was big. "Big" meaning "grown-up." And he just so happens to make the wish while playing an arcade game for 25 cents...And it comes true. It is sweet and a movie from my childhood interestingly enough. Need I say more?... Probably... But I am just going to leave you to discover it for yourself... Goodnight everyone. It's been fun...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Stranger Than Fiction..My Kind of Flours

So, here I am..... yes, again.... Blogging... and watching yet, another movie, and yet..... blogging about an entirely different movie I watched earlier. Again. So, Hello... Again....*chesire grin..* Seems to be my trademark look nowadays. Anyway, so, I am blogging about Stranger than Fiction while watching Sleepless in Seattle.
I might as well tell you now!! There are serious Spoiler Alerts in all these reviews...... hmmmm, may have to work on that later on........ But for now... deal with it. Trust me, if I'm reviewing it, it's worth watching. ... Moving on!!!!

So, being my last day off for the next four days (thank god it's not the next six days, ugh) I spent the morning doing my own thing, drawing, coloring, making ringtones, fiddling around with facebook and my facebook page (successfully and unsuccessfully,) and what else, but watching a movie (of course.) Inevitably, I always have a movie in the background. So, my parents had emailed me and said while watching a certain movie, they thought of me because the heroine of the story reminded them of me...
Whether it was the fact she works in a bakery, is for less government, or has a funky personality.. I'm thinking it was probably a collaboration of all those things. The name of its quirky self is Stranger Than Fiction. Starring, Will Ferrel, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman, Queen Latifah, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, it packs a nice cast of characters that carries the unique script on a walk through the park. For all the famous actors boasted on the casting list, it feels like an indy film. It is about a man that measures everything by time, and more specifically by the time on his wristwatch. He goes to sleep at a certain time, wakes up at a certain time, brushes his teeth in so many strokes, jogs so many steps to the bus stop just in time to catch the bus, and arrives at his office building where he is an IRS auditor. Everything is kept short.... and simple. Not short and sweet, just short and simple. He begins to hear a woman's voice (Emma Thompson) that narrates everything he does (very much seeming like the voice of God from the sky... if God's voice were the voice of a woman of course.)
He is beginning to feel chaffed and on the verge of a nervous breakdown after spending days of listening to this voice only he hears (But Hey[!] he's not schizophrenic,) when one day he sets out from his computer desk to audit a woman that works at a small bakery shoppe.
Upon meeting her, he is infatuated.. no....entranced by her... And (of course) the woman narrating describes his feelings perfectly and he catches himself gazing at her in a fog of "love" at first sight. .... His life becomes not so short, and not so simple, but definitely sweet by the end once he has bavarian sugar cookies and the love of his life there feeding them to him.
He discovered, as did his narrator, that it isn't always about the "great" things in life so much as it is about the small things...The things that usually seem just o.k. And the baker girl learns that you can't make a difference in the world if you're locked away for being a fanatic..... Life shouldn't be about how everyone dies in the end.... I mean, c'mon... Everyone dies... But no one lives life the same way.. So, why shouldn't life be life... Focus on life..
My favorite part of the movie, he shows up at her bakery when she is locking up to go home, and he is standing there with a box with about ten paper bags all with different colored labels and she looks at him a bit irritated and suspicious and asks, "What?!" He stumbles over his words and finally manages, "I brought you flours.... I thought you might like that....."
Freaking most awesome original line.....EVER!!!!!! *sigh of contentment*

So, the verdict.... The little things in life are what usually end up saving us in the end, so don't forget about 'em, o.k? Goodnight..........

Thursday, August 11, 2011

17 Again

I am sitting here still enjoying movies that I have not yet watched. I am now watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, but that's not what I am reviewing at this very moment. While passing through the movie trailers to get to the dvd menu, I passed 17 Again. I just watched that for the first time two weeks ago. I was feeling low at the time. I was dwelling on the person I had been for the last few years and I dwell so much on pretty much everything from the fact that I haven't yet figured out how not to aka "let go." So, in my low mood of self-loathing, I popped in 17 Again, a dvd I found in a two dollar bin on Black Friday. I had never watched it after my "impulse-induced" stated had passed. But the black mood I was simmering in, was in dire need of fluffiness I was not yet acquainted with; Legally Blonde and Fred Claus would just not do the trick. So, I removed the crackling plastic off the cover, placed the dvd into my blu-ray player and wrapped my smug cloud cover over my head and tucked myself in its strangely cozy embrace.

I have become so used to analyzing feelings and my feelings and other people's feelings, that feelings aren't just "feelings" anymore that happen, that pop up at random... Feelings are reactions... And if you can predict or figure out what causes them... Then they make sense, they aren't random, they have reason.... But see... Feelings don't always make sense, or have reason.... So, in my pursuit of finding the root of feelings, I forgot what "feelings" mean. ... Enough about the "touchy-feely" talk.
The whole point is that seeing Zac Efron
dropping the basketball and running after his highschool sweetheart to ask her to marry him: touched me..touched my heart. I saw young love and it reminded me that .......well, when a guy loves a woman.. He shows up. Feelings can be "created" but it's like comparing diamonds and artificial diamonds... Not the same thing. The real thing is something that happens despite everything, and you wouldn't trade it for anything else. It made me happy to see them depict the real thing... The real feeling that is.....

*Breath of fresh air*

I have learned so much from those days... I wouldn't trade them for anything else. I wouldn't ask for them to come back, but I wouldn't trade them for anything else. Watching 17 Again is like falling asleep in a field of poppies...... You need someone to come along and save you. And on that note... Ghosts of GirlFriends Past is pretty cute. Pretty cliche.... But, it's got its own twist to Dicken's Christmas Carol. .... No pun intended... I think?.....


It is a lovely Saturday morning, by definition, my day off; when in reality it is Thursday. I have spent the morning gloriously and deliciously doing nothing but what my heart desires.... Well, to a point, the point being the things what I am able to accomplish for my hearts desire... But Anyway!..
So, after a six day work week, I am now resting, thank goodness. My artistic soul is beaming and languidly basking behind this computer with markers and canvasses strewn about me.
I put on a Quinten Tarantino film a friend had lent me to pass the morning, and was pleasantly surprised. It had a very different feel than his other films. It is about a girl's fascination with murders that all started when a man fell murdered from the balcony above her mother's bakery. She began a scrapbook with articles in it accompanied by depictions she draws of the articles. She grows into a woman that quits a job at a bakery to work as a maid that cleans up after murder investigations.
The Mexican atmosphere and cumbia music nicely accentuate and liven up this dark, and what would normally be called morbid, film.

It somehow soothed my heartache at being a loner to watch Curdled. I did not feel so boring for my interests and boring habits after watching the main character, Gabriella. My thought was, "Well, at least I don't have that obsession!" There were numerous sweet details sprinkled about that caught my attention. The fact Gabriella's mother owned a bakery, that at home, she bakes gingerbread cookies and pipes icing on them, that she dances by herself to the pattern of the steps leading up to the victim's demise.

It was by no means sugary sweet, but it was more like pan dulce, just sweet enough to satisfy. That's what she said, and that's what I say, and now I want pan dulce.... And it's All Your Fault!!