Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bad Teacher

It has now been seven months since I moved from Colorado.

And it has now been three days since I just returned from my first visit back to my home state.

I am watching Enough. The third movie I have watched now since getting back.

The first movie I watched was Dumb & Dumber..... apart from hearing it mentioned from a few different sources, my mom and dad got it for me on blu-ray. Watching it, it wasn't how I remembered it, which actually was kind of shocking. I'm not used to movies not being how I remember them. After pondering it, I guess this is a good sign, since I did want to change my lifestyle. And the fact I now see things differently.... It made me glad it wasn't the way I remembered.

The second movie I watched was Bad Teacher. I would have watched it with Charmane, but stupid me, spaced that, "Oh! duh, Katalin! Nobody but you has a blu-ray player!" So, I just had to wait to watch it upon getting back here too. I enjoyed it, it made me laugh at the irony life plays on you when you realize that what you want changes when you change as a person.

And now here I am watching Enough with Nana and Papa. It's a good movie. And while I could blog right now, I actually have to go right now and call Charmane to say hi.

I'm going to have to start organizing my life, I have actual things to take care of. I will have to MAKE time for blogging. *smile*