Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hotel Transylvania

Good afternoon my dears. I am watching Hotel Transylvania, bleh, bleh, bleh......

I tried to watch it last night and I was just hung up on the fact that Adam Sandler was the dad's voice.... And that Selena Gomez was the voice of the daughter. ... I am not a fan of Selena Gomez, but I'm not a hater of her either, I would just prefer not to watch her. However, in this case that wasn't an option... And Technically(!) I'm not watching "her.." I'm just "listening to her... So, I huddled down  and set my differences aside and fell asleep twice at the point everyone starts dancing to the "wiggle" from the LMFAO song. It is now afternoon and I watched it all the way through and focused off expectations and just enjoyed it for what it is... And it's a fun kids movie. And it does have three important messages:

1. we should never try to outsmart the truth and just let truth have its' day

2. children are not their parents... and we are not our parents....

3. at some point children have to fly from the nest to make their own mistakes and find their own happiness and their "zing"

 And aside from Adam Sandler, I recognized a fellow actors voice that usually appears in other movies with him. AAAnd I heard the glorious-ly nasal Fran Drescher!! I love her! She voiced Frankenstien's Bride.

Ok... So I should sum up the plot for you. Dracula's wife died, and he raises their baby daughter alone. He builds a hotel for monsters where no human should ever be able to enter... time passes until the present day and the daughter is now turning 118 years old (the human equivalent of 18) and the eve of her birthday party, a young man.. (hu-man) stumbles onto the hotel unknowingly. From which ensues the rest of the story, including cute little baby werewolves, Quasimodo the French Sniffing Chef and his Sniffer Mouse Esmerelda, Bat pouty faces, ukelele song, magic, human pot pie, frozen language, and zing... just to name a few articles and events... dot, dot, dot, and never more.

It was cute and made me laugh. If the beginning is a wee bit too zany for you and tween popp-ish, give it a few minutes, cut it some slack.. I think there really is some sincerity at the heart of this movie.

Have a Beautiful Day, filled with Zing if you've already found it.. or just filled with the hope for Zing if you are still searching for it my loves.

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