Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Special Night

Good evening my dears, it has been a chilly day for Texans and I have enjoyed not just one, but two delightful Starbucks mochas... with peppermint.... a venti, but with only four pumps of the peppermint. I'm one of those needy customers, but I hope I make up for it by being a nice, politeful person.

And now I am nestling into the couch, just.... well, watching a movie. But I don't feel like talking about the movie I'm watching. I actually just feel like sharing a chapter of my own life with all you my darlings.

This time of year has always been hard for me... The holidays were never very enjoyable for me growing up, and they only morphed into somewhat stomach-able when I became an "adult." I always have tried to make the best of a situation, but it was harder at the holidays, and these last few years, (especially after having moved under the texan sun) I have finally made significant headway in finding contentment at this "festive" time of year.

I have stopped trying to look at it how it is "supposed" to be and just relaxing it and enjoying it as things come.  

I don't have much to say, but I just wanted to pop in and say hello and I have not forgotten about you my dears. I hope you have had an enjoyable season and I am wishing you all the love and beauty you can manage.

sincerely my loves,

Read Riding Hood

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blast From the Past

Good afternoon my darlings, it is a gorgeous and breezy day, not hot, not cold, very reminiscent of those perfect soft yellow light days from childhood, when no matter what is happening in the world around you, nature is a gentle glow all around.

I just wanted to pop in for a quick hello. I recently watched the movie Blast From the Past featuring Brendan Fraser in his youth, Sissy Spacek, and Christopher Walken. It begins in 1965, with the news of the Cuban missile crisis. It is about two soon-to-be parents that end up locked (for the next thirty-five years) in their fall out shelter. Brendan Fraser is their son born in the fall out shelter, and raised his whole life underground, his immediate family believing that the world above is radioactive due to an atom bomb they assumed was dropped.

There are so many sweet and moral attributes to this nineties movie, that I encourage you to rent it or at the least look it up and give it a try. It's funny and sweet, and very enjoyable.

Have a good rest of your afternoon darlings, be safe as always=)

With a passing sense of lemon-choly,

Read Riding Hood

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Good evening my dears,

I had a good and peaceful day. I am sitting in the comfort of my home watching the recently released blu-ray and digital edition of the film Titanic with Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet.

It is still a horrific tragedy to me every time I watch it. I cry and actually upset myself whenever I watch this movie. I am always amazed at the strength and the will to survive. I always am touched by the sacrifice and human spirit in the victims and survivors.

May they all rest in peace now and forever.

Have a good night my darlings, I pray you have a peaceful night.

Read Riding Hood

p. s. on a note concerning the movie.... there is a photo shop edit that shows the dimensions of the floating door and the available room for Jack to have climbed onto it. I still think they could have saved him and it have been a great story. grrr.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jane Eyre

Good evening my dears... I am thinking of a favorite novel of mine and recent favorite film of mine: Jane Eyre. I just picked up the book the day before yesterday and began to read the preface I assumed was written by some other author by the signature of "Currer Bell." But then I read the three paragraph bio on Charlotte Brontë and found out her pseunydom was "Currer" and she married a "Bell." And upon discovering that, I just felt it important to share this section of this preface. I am not a "religious" person per say. I believe in striving to be a good person and doing right, and I do believe in God. And this preface rings just as profound in the cloister of my soul just as soundly as does the rest of this poignant novel.

"Conventionality is not morality. Self-righteousness is not religion. To attack the first is not to assail the last. To pluck the mask from the face of the Pharisee, is not to lift an impious hand to the Crown of Thorns.

These things and deeds are diametrically opposed: they are as distinct as is vice from virtue. Men too often confound them: they should not be confounded: appearance should not be mistaken for truth; narrow human doctrines, that only tend to elate and magnify a few, should not be substituted for the world-redeeming creed of Christ. There is - I repeat it - a difference; and it is a good, and not a bad action to mark broadly and clearly the line of separation between them.

The world may not like to see these ideas disserved, for it has been accustomed to blend them; finding it convenient to make external show pass for sterling worth - to let white-washed walls vouch for clean shrines. It may hate him who dares to scrutinize and expose, to rase the gilding and show base metal under it, to penetrate the sepulcher and reveal charnel relics; but hate as it will, is is indebted to him."

Currer Bell
December 21st, 1847

And on that note my darlings, stay true and strong in integrity.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Princess Bride



      It is a balmy autumn afternoon, I am finally not just off work, but finally home after sitting in traffic for an hour. Oh yea!

So, I finished eating my humble dinner, feeding zee pooch and am now going to blog and tell you all lovely peepsters about a movie you are probably familiar with already, but I'd like to ramble on about anyway.

 I am watching the Princess Bride. This movie was made in 1987, a year before I was even born. It is about a country girl, Buttercup, that falls in love with the farm boy, Wesley who loved her before she ever even realized he did. They must overcome the obstacles of time, separation, pirates, fire swamps, huge rodents, torture, eels, six-fingered men, and an evil prince. But despite it all, they overcome it all because they have true-love. And as Wesley tells Buttercup when she asks how he can be so sure they will see each other again, "This is true love.... Do you think this happens every day?"

This movie is random and brilliant. Cary Elwes and Robin Wright Penn are still young and fresh faced. True love conquers all. It is refreshing to watch in its uniqueness and comforting in its charismatic nostalgia. It is sweet optimism in its childlike faith and belief in the everlasting emotion of true love.

I love this movie. I don't have much more to say. I'm just enjoying watching the movie. So, I hope your Sunday is hope filled and optimism abounds to carry you into a productive and positive Monday. .

Good evening my darlings,

Read Riding Hood

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Good evening my dears, it is getting late for me, and I am delighted to be able to bring a pretty recent film into the blogger "limelight."

I had the good fortune of purchasing the latest version of  the classic fairy tale of Snow White: the princess who's spirit is connected with nature and brings peace to the land by ridding a kingdom of an evil queen.  This version is titled "Snow White and the Huntsman." Starring Kirsten Stewart and Charlize Theron, it definitely isn't camera shy of any close ups. Aside from familiar faces, the story line is more of an epically sculpted landscape than the more previous fluffy adaptions.  I thoroughly enjoyed the extended cut that lasts two hours and fifteen minutes of graphic battle scenes and impressive digital effects. I had been wavering as to whether I really wanted to spend the money to buy this, but I was excuisitely surprised and pleased to have made the purchase.

This version provides a background glimpse into the evil queen's beginnings and as the story matures, so does our understanding of what molded her into such wickedness. But just as we come to understand the queens horrific past, we also are able to see the parallel childhood of the princess and how both girls dealt with tragedy in opposite manners. There is a line that the now grown princess confides, "I used to hate her (the evil queen, Ravenna) but now I only feel sadness...."

When Snow White is awakened by the kiss of her true love, she speaks to rally the people to aide her against the queen and she says, "I have seen what she (the evil queen) sees... I can kill her..." She understands why she is evil, she does not judge her, but she cannot stand by and watch her destroy innocent peoples lives.

Have you ever had to survive something? Have you ever faced captivity and faced evil?

There are two types of people. People that cannot stand up to evil and cower to it. And then there are people that look into the face of evil, and refuse to look away until they see into the heart of evil, and they do not turn away; they recognize it as something that dwells in all of us, and they stand up to it and rise above it.

There are flowers that wilt in frost and winter, and then there are flowers that bloom and remain strong despite what the world has surrounded them with.

I am going to say, sometimes surviving is merely holding onto an unexplainable faith that there is something good- something worth holding out for- waiting for us in the near future.  And when we find that hope, that bright light..... we would rather die that day fighting for that light and hope than live another day of "this death," as Snow White calls it when rallying everyone to her.

In summation, I am wishing for you all that if you have not yet found that light, to hold on to faith: I Know you will find it if you never stop hoping and looking for it.

And to those of you that Have found that light.. you have found that hope. .... I implore you to have the courage and strength to fight to hold onto it. If you work at never losing it and fighting for it, you are truly alive, anything else is only a shadow of what your life has to offer you.

I would never ask of you my dear readers anything I do not demand of myself as well. Life is difficult and we are all unique individuals with similar and different pasts, but we are all the same at our cores. We all contain good and evil in us, and it is up to us to decide which we will give into, which we will survive from and which we will hold onto and never let go. Be honest and courageous. I was not born a fighter, but I have trained myself to fight for what I love, anything else is not living, anything else would only fill me with regret and useless wishing.

Always with ernest hope,

Read Riding Hood

Monday, September 3, 2012

Catching Fire

Well, this isn't my usual note on a movie. And actually I'm just commenting some more on Hunger Games. I recently saw a teenager post on instagram suggesting watching the olympics felt like watching the hunger games..... She used the quote, "may the odds be ever in your favor..."

I hope the greater population of teenagers is not as unaware of reality as that individual.

 The olympics is nothing like the hunger games.

The hunger games is an example of what happens when we let the government take all our control away and we become nothing more than a nation ruled by communism.

Communism is when the government takes the riches of our hard work and lives off of it and leaves us the scraps and rations.

Communism is when the government keeps us under control by taking away our freedom and right to defend ourselves.

Communism is when they keep us divided and pit us against each other using propaganda and taking away individual privacy.

The Hunger Games has nothing to do with the Olympics. the Hunger Games is about loss of freedom.

The Olympics is something we have because we still have freedom and rights to use our God given talents and skills to better ourselves and stand as proud examples for our world's nations.

Remember. The Hunger Games is so frightening, because it could possibly happen.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hunger Games

Well, hello all. I recently watched the Hunger Games. It was good, but as always, I am disappointed that had I not read some of the first novel, I would've been slightly lost and not understood as clearly what exactly was going on. If you haven't had the chance, to either read the book, or see the movie, I would hope you get to read the book and then see the movie. I know that's the cliché thing to say, but really and truly there are poignant moments that the movie would hold so much more meaning for you if you had the original story read first. Such as, how exactly the whole system works of why certain names are put in the lottery more times than others; or what exactly the history is between Katniss and Peter; what exactly the history is with Katniss and her mother. The movie is still watchable without the book, but to me it would come up lacking.

I did like it however. I always like the futuristic aspect that resembles an earlier America era, and this movie somehow combined modern/futuristic fashion and former era fashion style into an interesting textile to watch.

Aside from fashion, the entire idea of children and adolescents being forced to hunt and to kill each other in a "game" the government forces them to participate in....... is genius and terrifying. The fact it felt so realistic, blew my mind. I think I might go so far as to say it is "modernly epic." I am still mulling over this film, and don't have much more to say about it. But! I at least wanted to say it is worth reading and/or watching.

"May the odds be ever in your favor." ..... well, I don't need "odds, " I make my own destiny; and I hope you make yours as well.

Read Riding Hood

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Never Been Kissed

Good afternoon, loves. It is ... a good day. I mean, every day is a good day, but "the good" in each day doesn't just walk up to you, link arms with you and skip off into the sunset... You.. I(!)  must look for it.  "The Good" also known as "happiness" is something that is worked for; nothing and no one can make you truly happy except yourself. *sigh* So.

It is a good day, and I made an appointment to get more tattoos in a few weeks, so I also have more ink to look forward to! And on my way home, I got Chinese food. I arrived home, plopped myself on the couch, turned into a potato and put on a relatively "old" flick, Never Been Kissed.

Ya know how when some adults go back to the places of their childhood, they say it seemed a lot bigger back then?.. That's how this movie feels.. in a similar sense. I watch this and see high school behind me, where as when I first saw this movie, high school was still in the future ahead of me. The high school characters that seemed so "mature" and "cool" and just... "older" now look so Young to me. *LOL... *sigh* (That's a good sigh though.. I don't mind the change.)

Drew Barrymore plays as an editor for the Chicago Times newspaper, a former high school geek. She gets her first chance to be a reporter, by taking an assignment to write an article revolving around the lives of  "modern" high schoolers. To write and discover the piece, she must enroll in her former high school and attend a semester, this time at the age of twenty-five. She gets the chance to be "17" again, but she soon discovers that to be successful she has to come to grips with her painful high school memories and with the help of her naturally popular brother, just learn to be comfortable AND confident in her own skin.

I loved this story as a pre-teen, and still enjoy it now... as.. the old soul I am at twenty-three... soon to be twenty-four. I wasn't a "Josie-Grossie," but I was a very shy, nerdy duckling as a teenager, and I am all too familiar with the painful transition from shy-ness to out-spoken-ness. I never wanted to be popular, I could see how being "popular" really was a lot of facade and putting on a front for everyone else to look at; I just wanted to like myself. As Drew Barrymore's character says at the end of the movie, "...there is a bigger world than prom, bigger than high school, and it won't matter if you were prom queen, or the biggest nerd in school, find out who you are and try not to be afraid of it.."  And I have learned to in order to like myself, I have to like what I do and be proud of my decisions and accomplishments; and not care what everyone else thinks about it, it's not their life, it's mine. And most importantly, I have to forgive myself of my mistakes and take pride in that none of my mistakes have ever been in vain, because I have learned from each and every single one of them.
Some people can't do any of those things, they are all very hard things to set out to do. But I am proof that nothing is impossible, and I work every day at being the person I want to see myself as, and being comfortable and confident the whole way. Life has become something to me that is .. special; because I've decided that if anything I'm ever doing is just to "pass the time,"it is not worth my time; everything I do, I want to do because I Really Want To Be Doing It: everything else is just a waste of life, a waste of time.

We are all individuals, my dears. And if we would seek out and define the black-and-white for each of ourselves, there would be no grey areas, only unique individuals sure of what they want and what they don't want.

With encouragement and sincerity always,

Read Riding Hood

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Good afternoon, my peepsters. It rained almost all last night and left today a mix of cloudy, sunny, muggy, and wet; but that's o.k. I hope it rains some more here in a bit. If I could marry the rain, I would. Anyway.

I have been poking about as usual aka being a couch potato and have been watching Mirror Mirror. It's the modern remake of Snow White with Julia Roberts as the evil Queen. At first when I saw it, it came across very cheesy, way too ...... Something. I felt it was too "childish" or.... too... "sugary sweet." Julia Roberts is always a joy to watch, but the rest of the acting seemed lacking and not very original.

However, it has been now almost.. three months(?) since that first time I saw it, and it kept randomly popping up on my mind. And I decided I did want to watch it again, just to see if I still felt the same way about it. ... And I do. BUT..... This last time I watched it I seriously asked myself, "O.k... It is a children's movie, it's not supposed to be very serious and very dramatic. It is supposed to light and fluffy and not too scary.... And that's what it is, right?.. So.. yea." And for some reason now I like it.

For what it is, Mirror Mirror is light and fun to watch. When I stop trying to compare it to more serious film attempts at this original tale and just let this movie stand on its own, I am able to enjoy it.

Now I must admit there are films that I finally accept them for what they are, and I still can't enjoy them... and that's fine. But I think too many times I disappoint myself because I hold something to a standard I think it should meet, and when it doesn't match that standard, I become irritated. I just need to always keep working at looking at things for what they are and accepting them for what they are, and that way I have a better chance at deciding whether I can truly enjoy something for what it is or not.

I hope you can enjoy things for what they are and not fool yourself into being disappointed by something that may not be what you want it to be, it's just being what it is.

Read Riding Hood

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Dangerous Method

Now that my weekend is ahead of me, I went through my shelf of "need-to-be-read" books and finally plucked A Dangerous Method (one I'd been avoiding due to the 'text-book' like contents.) The contents being based around the actual "psychoanalysis/Freud/Jung" events and their work, not exclusively, with a Russian/Jewish patient, Sabina Spielrein.

I am fascinated by this book, that is now a movie with Michael Fassbender and Keira Knightley. Psychoanalysis has come a long way from what it used to be, and has evolved into the modern "counseling/therapy" we encounter today. There is way too much for me to summarize here, and I would be rambling on with quotes and passages that would have you snoring... louder than you are now, So!! I will restrain myself to one measly paragraph that stood out to me... at the end of the book.. after a million foot-long words later.... I wanted to share this quote from the afterword in the book, because I find this to be personally true regarding modern counseling/therapy.

"The therapist is a consultant on mental matters, not a director of conscience. Psychoanalysis thus allowed a new kind of silence, a beneficent silence, into the consulting room and thereby enabled a new kind of listening. But in return for the freedom to be oneself, and to be oneself in any way one likes, the patient is burdened with the obligation to be productive. It is up to the patient to provide the material of analysis, not the therapist. The interchange between patient and analysis, furthermore, reflects his motivational history and can be cured either through a more honest act of self-scrutiny than he or she has made heretofore or else through abreacting the pain of his or her accumulated trauma."

A Dangerous Method by John Kerr

In short, nowadays, society is more open about life-styles and our individual sexuality. But the price we pay for that open-ness is accountability, and WE, as individuals hold the responsibility of educating ourselves by reaching out to available resources to help ourselves be responsibly open.

I am going to watch the movie soon, it will probably be different than the book, but "como sea"/ "that's how it is."

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!


Read Riding Hood

Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Gilmore

Today started off swimmingly when I took my dog to the river and he preceded to bulldoze right into the water (no pun intended.) I've been trying for weeks to get him used to the water and not to be afraid to get in it, and finally this morning, he plunged right in without my usual boot for encouragement...... *sigh* Anyway, it is a sleepy slow day today. Thank goodness, too.

I started off the day watching Treasure Planet. That's right, "planet," not "island." It's a disney steampunk version of the original Treasure Island.  For some reason there's always one line that sticks in my head after watching it, when the cyborg pirate, Silver, asks the boy, Jim Hawkins, "Didn't yer pap eva' teach ya how ter pick yer fights?...."

Now I am sitting back, (yes, watching Another movie)... Happy Gilmore. A few years back, I went through an "adam sandler" phase, it was around the same time I went through my phase of watching "The Night At The Roxbury" every night, for at least a month. Adam Sandler movies are so ridiculous, but I like them because they're ridiculous. Now, I am not a big one for golf, but there's a few points to this movie that I like: you have to be serious if you want to get ahead AND you have to pick your fights. If you haven't seen this movie, it's about a wannabe pro hockey player that ends up with a natural talent for golf. And he ends up needing to use his natural talent so he can win money to buy his grandma's house back.

I don't have much in common with this movie, BUT as a kid, I had to hold in my temper, then as an adolescent, I had a quick temper... FOR EVERYTHING. I would get mad and I would Stay mad. I still have my moments, (good god, do I ever,) BUT I'm better about it now, and there are some things that don't amount to a hill of beans and just aren't worth getting wrapped around the axle about. Learning to control my temper, I have learned that it isn't so much learning to control myself, but coming to understand the things and the people and the situations around me that can "cause" me to snap. The more I learn about everything around me, the easier it is for me to see the importance of the moment; I gain better perspective.

The hardest part of this process for me to learn was (and still is) knowing that to gain perspective, I have to be able to step back/away/out of a situation to look at it from an outside viewpoint; and, that can be hard on anyone if you're emotionally wrapped up in something, but it's the most important thing you can do for yourself and everyone around you.

Near the end of the movie, the guy with the natural talent, Happy Gilmore, is frustrated and angry because he is very close to losing the big game he needs to win. His grandma surprises him and shows up to cheer him on and she tells him, "Forget about him (the opposition)... I just want you to be happy."

And that is the key to it folks. It sounds cheesy and corny, but "don't get mad, get glad." A lot of the times it's easier said than done, and sometimes, it's just plain impossible. But I still wish and work for happiness, because it takes both.  Enjoy this beautiful Friday peeps.


Read Riding Hood

Monday, August 6, 2012

How To Train Your Dragon

I am very tired this evening, my dears. It was my first day back at work after being off for awhile, so I am out of breathe and ready to be a couch potato. Earlier this morning I was reading through my current book, Son of A Witch, the second installment in the Wicked series. And just before I had to get in the shower and get ready to go to work, I got to an Exciting part!!! (of course)

There Are Dragons!!!!!  That made me so excited! I am a chinese dragon, myself and anything dragons, I simply adore.... unless one was trying to eat me, then I might not be so excited, but anyway.... Aside from that, it made me decide to watch the dreamworks kids film How To Train Your Dragon when I got off work. So, here I am with the movie in the background, a pink lady pip on the table, and my foxy hound curled up to my left. In this moment, it is peaceful. .... I want a dragon. Don't you?...

Have a peaceful night my dears, I am off to fly with the dragons in my dreams,

Read Riding Hood

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Beautician and the Beast

So, it is evening again, dear readers. And you are either already tucked into bed, ready to sleep, or in the process of getting ready to sleep, or maybe you're still young and are doing the opposite: getting dressed up to go out, but whichever way you swing, I am getting ready for bed. I just finished my "not too strenuous" pilates, and am now typing away in the dark, waiting to get sleepy.
If you are of my generation, odds are that you haven't heard of Fran Drescher. Well, she is an actress, among other things, and she is recognized by her naturally VERY nasally voice. She is very pretty and promotes healthy living and natural beauty, and I first found out about her coming across a stray episode of The Nanny. It is a 80's show about a beautician that becomes a nanny for a wealthy widowed father of three (?) children. Anyway, funny show. Then I found out she was also in this movie The Beautician and the Beast with Timothy Dalton. If the title of the movie already doesn't give you an idea of the basis of the movie, I will say, it's like Sound of Music without the music and more fashion tips, and not Nearly as lengthy. It's corny and ridiculous, but I like the quirkiness. I probably say that a lot about most of the movies I watch, "corny and ridiculous, but quirky..." Well, what can I say, I enjoy my sensitive side.

And sometimes corny can truly be sincere, and anything sincere should never be taken for granted. So, if you have a sense of humor and a slow afternoon, Fran Drescher is a nice accompaniment alongside whatever project you might be doing.... unless you're a dude.... and then You Prooooobably want to run as fast as you can. Timothy Dalton getting sentimental is probably NOT your cup of tea.

Have a good evening, be safe,

Read Riding Hood

The Lost World of Little Women

It is a quiet and peaceful Sunday morning, my dears. When the world becomes too much, it can be very soothing to tuck myself away with a book, or snuggle myself onto the couch to watch a movie. I recently comforted myself with not just the book, but also the movie, Little Women. Everyone has to be familiar with this story on some minute level. It takes place during the Civil War, and it is about the "growing up" of four sisters with their mother while their father is away at war.

It had been quite a while since I had read the novel, and was surprised upon starting it to find that the language and plot imagery was not as "old fashioned" as compared to something per Charles Dickens, etc. Now that I am in my twenties, it reads with a classic simplicity. If you ever have the enjoyment of walking through parks or gardens, and have stopped to admire the simple and yet profound beauty of the nature around you, that is the best comparison I can come up with to reading this book. Except, instead of admiring the earth's nature, this story admires the growth and maturing process of girls that grow up into women.

There are so many truths in this story, every generation can understand them; truths about wealth, selfishness, making do with what you have, faith, love, family, friendships, hard work, pride, popularity, strength, and understanding.
One of my favorite parts is about Jo, the second oldest, and she is crying that she doesn't belong anywhere. What little girl, woman hasn't felt that at one point in our search of where we belong? I applaud Miss Alcott for having brought to light the basis issues of budding into adulthood in a much more formal time period.
It is such a comfort in this crazy busy world, to step into a book that the world is slower there so that you can stop and take a look around before the scene changes on you. We fly by the seat of our pants so many of the days out of the week, it's hard to slow down enough to catch our breathe and absorb everything. There is so much pressure to keep moving, to not stop, and if you do stop, only stop long enough to catch a breath before racing on.

I hope you can take a moment today and remember something you enjoyed as a kid, like playing at the park, swinging on a swing set, riding your bike, riding your skateboard, rollerblading, swimming, playing street basketball, baking cookies with your mom or sister, flying a kite, lying in the grass and watching clouds........... There is still that child in all of us. Little things like enjoying fresh air and water fountains can refresh a tired soul.

With care and sincerity,

Read Riding Hood

Friday, July 27, 2012


It is a grey and cloudy day today here in Texas. I am still jet-lagged from driving back from Aurora in one day. Perhaps that is why I am in a grey mood as well. Anyway. I went and sat by my river, not even the flies could drive me away until a crowd of a family showed up and decided to sit by the river as well. Then I just packed up to go home.
In the recent past I was introduced to a show called Weeds. Main phrases I was familiar with using the plural term "weeds" was in food service and gardening. With food, "in the weeds" means it's lunch or dinner time, crazy busy- you are running around like a chicken with your head cut off. In gardening, weeds are ... well, weeds. Usually annoying, a pain in the butt, and usually there's too many of them, weeds are not helpful. I had heard the phrase though, "you can look at dandelions and think 'weeds' or 'wishes...'"... Hmmmm..... anyway. So that was my "experience" with the word "weeds." Now(!) if we were talking about the singular term of the word "weed," well, duh, I only think of one thing: mary jane. Duh. Who. doesn't? You don't?.. Well, let me educate you: weed means a drug you smoke to get high. Now that That's out of the way.
I started watching Weeds and for as kooky and bizarre as this show is about a widow becoming a big time weed hustler, runner, and boss..... It's not far from the actual truth how "IT aka Weeds" really is... Even the drama of it all. Why do I watch this I ask myself.. (yes, I ask myself a lot of things.) And maybe it's because I am attracted to the danger of it, the quick-easy money idea, who wouldn't like something quick and easy?...But that's one of the realistic things about this show, it also shows you that it's not JUST quick, easy money. You also get shot at, physically attacked, and can be arrested and not just taken to jail, but to prison. I also like that they chose a widowed house wife trying to raise two children as the main character. I like that the script and plot is well written with sarcastic humor, gotta love sarcasm. But what I mostly like is being able to watch it have it remind me of things (NOT drug related) but in general that I did as a younger person to try out or that I did to "learn" about or just to "survive." I think about lifestyles I was born into, lifestyles I took on, and lifestyles I discarded. I tried certain styles on and some I made work for a while before finding something better, and then there were some I kept because they fit me and worked for me. I had to find the lifestyle that worked for me. I used to be stuck thinking I had to deal with the lifestyle I was in, until one day I woke up and realized I was an adult: free to make my own life. And one day my children will be adults. And I realized I want them to do what's right and healthy for them also so they have a fighting chance at happiness. And I can Only have them realize that by setting the example of doing what's right for me, without abandoning them. My friend told me, "if you aren't happy, they won't be happy." So I asked myself what makes me happy.

1. Being free to live life how I want.

2. Knowing I have that freedom and not having to sacrifice my children's lives as well

There are parents I know that would argue both those things aren't always possible, but I'm proof they are possible. I'm not a "religious" person, but I had the love, prayer and support of my family to come to the realization that if you line out EXACTLY what you want from life, there are ways to make it all work. And if you've ever accomplished that without anyone's support, well.. Then you are a stronger person than I am. It's scary, intimidating and at times hurtful, but it's just a part of the process.

My life was completely different a year ago. In one year, I have changed cities and states, I have changed living situations, and work situations, and even home life situations and my mental attitude. How? By making a list of realistic things I want and don't want and most of all being Painfully Honest with myself: acknowleding my emotions and feelings but regarding them critically; recognizing my character as a whole, my good and bad attributes, my pride, my motivation and whether it is the "right" motivation and taking a hard long look at the big picture.

It's difficult and complicated to say the least. But do-able if it's want you want. And I wouldn't say that I agree slinging weed is the right choice for paying the bills, but it is morbidly humorous to watch on occasion.

Everything will be o.k.

I have faith.

With Care and Hope always,

Read Riding Hood

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long

Good morning ladies and gents, it is a cool morning to be out at Panera, enjoying my coffee (hazelnut to be specific) and poking around on my laptop. I adapt to every situation that arises, and today if life hands me lemons, I am just going to chuck them, yesterday I made lemonade, today I'm going to practice my swing. *smile*

I am setting up my iTunes and getting all my gadgets synced and flowing together and I came across Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog. If you haven't seen it or heard of it, it is about a villain trying to earn infamy. He has a video blog that he updates with his struggles and attempts to become the ultimate evil bad guy status. But aside from his career aspirations, he is also hopelessly and head-over-heels in love with a girl he runs into at the laundry meet on a weekly basis. Unfortunately the girl ends up going out with his arch-nemesis, the Good Guy. From there the plot progresses.

The whole video itself is also a musical. If musicals aren't your thing, you probably won't enjoy this, but any theater buff can truly enjoy this. The lyrics are quirky, fresh, and original. The growth and climax of the characters actually is emotionally involving and I find myself every time rooting for Dr. Horrible. It's ridiculous how addicting this mini episode/sing-a-long/blog/hooby-shooby-el-whatty is.

I seem to be revolving around media subjects that are projecting the same theme question of how do we define "evil/bad/wicked?" I am also currently reading Wicked by Gregory Maguire, and if you aren't familiar with that either, it is the story behind the wicked witch of the west and how she ended up melted by Dorothy.

Wicked and Dr. Horrible's stories both end tragically. But there's always more history, maybe not for Dr. Horrible, but the Gregory Macguire series follows with three more novels bringing tragedy to a hopeful close.

It reminds me of those info-mercials trying to sell you things that always add the line, "But Wait!!! There's More!!"

There is always more to a story. There is always hope.

Have a Lovely Day everyone, the Beautiful World is Always there Waiting for you to open your door and go out into it and enjoy it.


Read Riding Hood.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Edge of Reason

Here I am dear fellow bloggers, readers, and stalkers. I am seated at an old comfortable hang out: Barnes & Noble. Leg crossed, iPad balanced across knee, Starbucks refresher within reach, book my cousin gave me a few days ago at my side, I feel comfortable. I feel at peace in this moment. I was always safe here (at Barnes.) I now feel like that somewhere else: in a river with my feet dangling in the rain gorged current. I actually can't wait to get back to it.

I saw the dvd Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason sitting atop a relative's tv cabinet and it put me to thinking. She sets out to take care of herself and doesn't settle for less than what she wants, and along the way, her standards are raised higher. For anyone that hasn't seen it, it is a movie about a middle aged British woman seeking success and love and bumbling her way through life fantastically. When life gives Bridget Jones lemons, she puckers up and just sucks on 'em or cuts up lemon wedges for a drink, or she might just chuck them in the trash, you just are never quite sure with her.

I usually feel like I'm on the edge of reason. Who doesn't?... It's a crazy busy world, and one of our important jobs that a lot of us ignore is slowing down enough to have time to do the things that relax us and make us happy. We are born and bred into a society that we have to push ourselves to work until we drop, and then just get back up and keep doing it till we drop again... and again.. until we die. It's important to stop and smell the roses, or the coffee, or both, or whatever strikes your fancy. Some people have to work hard to find even a few minutes to take care of themselves; most people don't have the luxury of saying, "I work so that I can afford my living costs and the ability to be able to go do what I Really want to be doing with my time." I am lucky enough to say, I go to work, I do my job and I leave, and I get paid; and in my off time I am able to just do what I want to do.

I think of how I got to take a crazy roadtrip with my dog at my side and just listen to the silence of the road. I got to finally drive back into my old city and feel my old memories and just cry from sensing the gentle probing tendrils one's environment wraps around memories like ivy vines. I was able to finally let myself remember what it felt like a year and a half ago when I was so heartbroken and empty, and I finally was able to cry for the woman I was at that time. It felt so good to just let all my walls of protection down and just let my history wash over me like a rain storm. I got to get my transmission fixed today and tomorrow I get to go the the Renaissance festival, and I get to just relax and just breathe. I get so caught up in thought, I almost turn blue from just holding my breathe.

So, hold onto yourselves my dears. Don't forget what you like doing in your free time. We are all individuals with different hobbies, we deserve to have time to enjoy them. Even if it's smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish (like Bridget Jones..) don't forget to make yourself stop and just bask in it for a second or two.

Drowsy and ready to get a good night's sleep,

Read Riding Hood

I wish you all a Happy Weekend!

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The Dark Knight Rises

Good Morning Dear World. I am slightly crazy and on a whim picked myself up and drove myself to where I was born.

Think 933 miles or so. I am here now. I hadn't planned on seeing the latest Batman movie when it first comes out, but I sure am hearing a lot of talk about it. And I recently started a piece of art on the former joker, and a line of his popped into my head.

"It's All A Part Of The Plan...."

I just heard about the midnight shooting at the premier of Batman. My heart is breaking; for all those families, for all those men and women and children... I am reminded of all the sadness I grew up with and left here. It really has nothing to do with the shooting, but the shooting itself brought up my own loss and sadness and once again, I am reminded of why I left Aurora. Anyone that has loved and lost, can understand how different situations can conjure up similar emotions from baggage and history. I am seriously waxing sentimental here, and I always was better at writing people love letters, than I ever was just talking to them... until recently, when I found the words (but that is another story for another day.) And right now, I want to write a love letter to Aurora, the woman that took care of me so long, but isn't compatible with me any longer.

Dear Aurora,

I will always love you, you were my first companion and partner. But I am not happy with you. I was born into you, you were my fate. But my destiny lies else where. I stayed with you so long.... I thought you were forever. But, I've had a taste of another place, and I can't live with you any longer. And I know you do not have the strength to let me go, so I will take it upon myself to let go of you first so we both can begin our separate journeys to happiness now. I will stand up and be the example and do this the right way. We are not growing anymore, only staying stagnant. You got me started and I would not be the person I am today without you, and I thank you for that. I know separation hurts, and you are entitled to being bitter and resentful at me, but I hope you can try to see that I am trying to remain truthful and be honest. I know that if I am not honest now, it will only come back to hurt us later, and I would rather hurt now, and not later. So, know that I understand if you are angry and want to lash out at me in hurt and frustration. I understand why you are lashing out, but this is for the best. You don't deserve someone that would just stay with you out of pity and sentiment. You deserve someone that is with you because you love each other. I do not feel that love with you anymore, I have respect and a place for you in my heart always, but that is all I have to give. And you shouldn't accept/settle for that as enough. Never settle for less than love. I am writing from my heart as always. I would never give less than the blood in my veins, and writing is only opening veins and bleeding onto a page. I hope you can believe me, if not today, some day soon. I never thought we would be here, but we are and if you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, I will look at it for you and tell you about it. I promise you it's there, we won't stay on the bottom, we only have up to go from here. Believe me. There is a better world out there, with love and hope and a larger sky than we ever imagined.

Sincerely and always with veritas,


With that my loves, I will sign off, I have bled all I can bleed today.

Do not ever forget to look for the beauty in the world.

It is there, even when all we can see is the evil.

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Location:Aurora, United States

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

La Luna

Good morning everyone, I still cannot possibly get this story out of my mind. I even took my two cousins to go see Brave yesterday. Why?.. I actually am asking myself why I feel so attached to this film. And after watching it yesterday, I have another answer apart from the one I had yesterday. I think I could go on finding reasons I am attached, but that is beside the point.
At the beginning Merida is talking about how some believe fate and destiny is connected through us through the land; how they are weaved together like a tapestry; how it lives in us and how some of us set out to control it.

I have come to realize there are choices we make that lead us to our destiny and to our fate, and there are things we keep running into that we feel we cannot escape from and can't get past. And I have come to realize those are the things that are our fate: the things we keep running into. Fate is a vicious cycle, because it is usually the things that we have come to know day in and day out, every year, sometimes our whole lives: it is all we know, and either we blindly accept it as our destiny; we feel the need to change it, but don't know how or are too scared to; or we recognize the cycle for what it is and realize we are bigger than the cycle and can be better than it and rise out of it. Fate is what it is, fate is the land. But destiny is in us: Destiny is our Very Own Selves: destiny is you and me as individuals deciding how we react to our fate, whether we continue following it in repetitive circles, or whether we break free of it and weave something new.

I'm twenty-three years old and I have managed to survive three monumentally difficult events in my life so far. And it made me realize something important for my life as well; everyone can give you advice, but only you can make the decisions for your life; you have to forget and forgive yourself of your past, and only think of this moment and where you stand and where you want to see yourself end up; you have to take each step yourself, and with each step evaluate it: ask yourself, "O.k. in that moment, I had to do 'this..' and now I am here, and (a) that worked I'm going to keep moving in 'this' direction or (b) that didn't turn out as I expected, I need to move in 'that' other direction now." Sometimes we only know the right way to go by living each moment and taking things step by step, emotion by emotion, knowing who we are, what we can and can't live with and paying the price for being alive. I tell myself every day when between a rock and hard place, that I have to choose the decision that keeps me fighting. Because the day I choose the option that kills me inside or makes me an angry, bitter, or evil person, there is no point to living. I might as well be dead, if I have no fight in me; if I give in to "the dark side..;"if I am slowly killing myself inside.

Everyone deserves happiness. You, me, everyone. They also deserve the truth no matter how difficult and painful. Without truth we cannot reach happiness.

I am in a very melancholy mood, my loves, and my head feels fuzzy, so I will let you go and hope you get to see the boy and his father and grandfather sweeping up stars on the moon tonight.


As Always with sincerity,

Read Riding Hood

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Monday, July 16, 2012


Hello my fellow bloggers, I hope you find yourselves enjoying this afternoon whether it is sunny, raining, or cold wherever you are. It is sunny and on the verge of being stifling hot. I doggedly tap away on my keyboard just because I know I am going to talk from my heart, and talking from the heart requires courage, and I have used up so much right now, and yet, I know it is required of me to continue using it until further notice. The summer heat supplies such wonderfully natural happy endorphins, and yet at a scorching price to be payed: getting sunburnt. *sigh* I rhetorically ask myself, "What can one do?" However, I was able to see the recent Pixar movie Brave on the weekend it came out and I have been bursting to talk to about it.

The short film at the beginning is my favorite Pixar short film ever, no doubt whatsoever. It is about three generations, a grandfather, father, and son that row out in a little dingy every night, put up a ladder and climb up to the moon. On the moon is where falling stars land and is where they sweep/rake up as many stars to give the moon its phases. The film encompasses the night the grandfather and father take the son/grandson up to the moon for the first time to teach him the family tradition. It is a beautiful and touching excerpt about learning the tradition we are born with to build yourself a foundation and then venturing out and finding your own way to build and expand tradition so that with each generation it evolves and betters itself, by learning from mistakes and each person recognizing the difference of individuals. It touched me, and quite honestly a day doesn't go by now, that I don't think about the moon and look forward to seeing just so that I can imagine them up there having cleaned up fallen stars.  Looking, as always, for the irony in life, I smile realizing my Nana loves her hot tub and atrium so she can look up at that "beautiful moon" and now I love it too; funny how those things work out.

I do not want to give away too many spoilers about Brave.... Skimming over what I summarized about the mini film, I realize that if Brave was a paper, the mini film is the beginning paragraph of that paper; it is the suggestive beginning of the feature films theme. So, I will tick off the main things about Brave that stood out to me.

1. Born into privilege/gifts requires great responsibility.

2. Tradition is a foundation, but only a foundation. A foundation does not build a house. Individuals build houses.

3. We are not our parents, and we are not our parent's mistakes. Coming of age happens at different ages for everyone, but once we do, we are not children anymore. We are adults. We are individuals. Free of our parents pasts, only responsible for our own history that we have created and only responsible for our  stories that are not reflections of our parents history.  We are born with this strange sense that we are born into living out and correcting our parents lives and where they went wrong. But that sense is misleading, because we are all born with our own destinies free of what our parents were and where they came from.

4. With Freedom, we are required to adorn our characters with diplomacy, humility, and integrity, for without these siblings, freedom would be boastful, hardly recognizble and scorned.

And this last thing is what I have most learned my darlings, long before I ever saw this movie, but was so readily reminded of after seeing this. Always remember, it isn't being brave, if you aren't scared. Figure out what you need. And learn how to ask for it. Never forget those things.

As always, my darlings, I sign off with much affection and I hope you are able to enjoy sweet summer and all of her fickle lazy moods. I know I am and my skin is my witness.

sincerely, and
 Red as a Lobster,

Read Riding Hood.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reading Time With Pickle

I want to watch Joe Somebody. In it Tim Allen gets panic attacks and it reminds me of kind of where I'm at right now. There is a peace to finally finding the end of your rope, because you have three options:

1. Hang there till you drop from exhaustion

2. Climb back up to the top of the rope

3. Or just let go of the rope and end it sooner..

But there's a fourth option people don't hear about very often, just because it is so radically different.

4. Jump to another rope. And start over. The last rope wasn't working for you, so let's do something different.

This fourth option is a lifestyle change, an at home change, a personal (practical) soul change. Just Do not let it change who you are.

I am so used to doing what I've done to cope I barely know anything else. Something as simple as taking a Tylenol PM doesn't cross my mind to help me sleep, because I've always just dealt with no sleep. Last night, however, was the first time I realized that rope of "insomnia" just wasn't working for me anymore. So I changed ropes. I went and got some Tylenol PM, took two. Slept without waking up and got up this morning and advice my old doctor and my therapist told me came to mind. They said there is 4 (or 5?) "S's" to fight depression
1. Sleep
2. Sunshine
3. ....
I don't remember the rest.

But besides that, it made me consider how little simple things help make all the bigger problems smaller too.

So.... I also have trouble eating. And I finally saw the key to that too. Have you ever had someone look up to you? A younger sibling, or family member? A daughter? A son? What if they were struggling to eat? What would you do?.. Personally, I would find the strength to eat to show them, it'll be ok: you have to do all the small basic things like eating and sleeping to help the scarier problems more manageable.

So my darlings, we are comfortable in our safe little nooks, hidden, tucked away in our comfort zones. But try to remember that sometimes those safe rooms we have built for ourselves becomes our prison. Ropes become chains, rather than options.
Weigh every option. And don't ever forget that stopping to get a good night sleep, waking up to sip a cup of joe, and meandering to smell the flowers before launching into battle is sometimes the best medicine.

Check out Joe Somebody. Take care my dears.

-- Desde Mi iSoul

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Strange But True

Hello my darlings a quick thought as I watch stranger than fiction once again.

Did you know that I am afraid of happiness?.. And did you know that although happiness frightens me the finding and then losing of happiness frightens me even more. Like Harold, the protaginist, I hold the ending to my novel, my life. And I finally realize that there are certain situations of fate that are out of my control... And all I can control is how I deal with these circumstances: to stop living is not an option; And, neither is running away. So I come to terms with the tragedy in my life, because as much as I dislike the bad in life, I do understand that to truly enjoy the good in life one must experience the bad as well. So I swallow my tragedy, and face it bravely and scared as hell. No storm lasts forever. It can't. And I comfort myself knowing that if there can be such horrible tragedy in this life, there can only be such wonderful goodness as well. There must be.

So as I am sorry that you must brave the storms of this life, but take comfort knowing there is incredible goodness waiting just ahead (don't ask how I know, I couldn't tell you, I just do know.) There must be. There is.

Hold on my dears. Storms don't last forever.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Addam's Family

My dear fellow bloggers and google surfers, I would hate to disappoint by blogging too often and I wouldn't want to break my tradition of beginning my blog with the occasional typical apology for not blogging on a regular basis. My innermost blogger has been stifled from her blabbing... I have been busy living life. I suddenly have a moment of glorious- beautiful tedious-ness in front of the tv.. And I am absorbing the miracles that have happened in my life.. And finally I am able to look back at every heartbreak and see every curse for the blessing it truly was .. Because all that pain lead me here. And even "here" isn't free of pain, but no one ever said life was going to be easy. There's a Russian proverb that says if you wake up and aren't in pain, you are dead.
It took me a long while to figure out communication is the key to finding peace of mind. I still have to daily figure out what I want and learn how to ask for help to get it.

I am still not good enough to wake up and realize right away what I have slipped into doing, it isually takes me a while to sort it all out- and now, after a million laundry loads later, highway drives, hours of journaling, hours of ignoring, hours of facing facts... I see I am ready to embrace my natural self, minus my crutches.. Minus my baggage. For myself. For my peace of mind. For just getting comfortable with who I am and for not going to waste any more time trying to be something or someone else.
I am always humbled by myself. Right when I think I couldn't feel any older, I get kicked down a notch and reminded I am still young and learning to be comfortable with myself.
I watched The Adams Family the other day and it made me feel good because it made me feel better about my quirky, weird eccentricities. Who cares if the whole world thinks I'm odd or weird?.. I like myself:) And if anyone else happens to like me too ... Well that's just an added bonus miracle. *sigh of peace*

So my darlings, honesty is the best policy: beginning with yourself. You're strange. Get over it:) I already did, and am now going back to my tedious tv-ness and going to zone out. La-dee-da.

-- Desde Mi iSoul

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Well, it has now been about a week since I first watched this fantastic film based off the original book by Roald Dahl. It is about a Mr. Fox that makes a living by stealing, until his current love interest tells him that she is pregnant. Twelve fox years later, he is a newspaper-man, living with his wife and son in a hole in the ground. At the breakfast table one morning in-between discussing work, their son, and the day, Mr. Fox tells his wife he doesn't want to live in a hole in the ground anymore, because it makes him feel poor. She tells him, "...We are poor..." Disregarding and ignoring everyone's advice, he buys a tree house on the edge of the property of the three largest and meanest farmers around. With temptation placed so closely in front of his muzzle, not only does he begin stealing again (which he promised Mrs. Fox he wouldn't do anymore) he also puts his friends and family at risk now that they live in the open. "And so it begins."

I watch this film and think of how hard it is to find balance between our animal instincts and who we are as human beings. I think of the phrase, "brains over brute" and visa versa. There are so many deciding factors of how someone will turn out. How is it that these factors come about? Is there some inner voice that everyone has, but not many listen to, like the conscience that Jimeny Cricket talks about in Pinnochio?.... And where does that voice come from? Some would say it comes from God, from the "Universe," from.... I don't know. I am not a person of religion, but I believe in "God/higher being." Aside from all that even, human nature is human nature. It is what it is. And since we know it is there, we have the choice to "be" that human nature or not. That what sets us above animals, we have choices.

Anyway!!!! I am not feeling very good, I do believe I am coming down with a cold of some sort, and am not on top of my game very well. Suffice it to say, this movie asks all sort of in-depth questions in concern to human nature and what drives and motivates us to do what we do. I am driven to eat my cold away with biscuits, coffee, hot chocolate, vitamin c, a pile of books, and my journal... and of course my laptop and a bamboo lotus candle burning and flickering softly in front of me reminding me that not everything is really what it seems. I am going to post a clip from the movie and let it speak for itself, because the pounding headache I have will not let the words that normally speak for the movie come out at all.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

American Beauty Continued...

Oh, And one more thought!! Put everything in your life in its' proper perspective! So, yea:

1. Keep it real.

2. Put everything in its' proper perspective.

Take care my darlings and have a wonderful Sunday Evening.

-- Desde Mi iSoul

Saturday, January 14, 2012

American Beauty

Oh! my goodness, peoples! Shocker Alert! Here I am again, blogging! I do believe I go through phases where I am able to gab and phases where I don't know where, how, or when to even begin to gab. Anyway.

Lately the weather has been this "spring-ish" like attitude, gyrating between chilly and warm, with this persistent wind that is on the verge of being strong, but stays on light cruise control instead. I recently have been trying to define this feeling inside of me and why it is so important for me to pull it out of everyone around me... and I now know how to define it: Real. I have a very... well, not complicated mind, but many faceted mind/thought process: picture the Hoober-Blue Highway criss-crossing itself and doubling back and looping hopelessly and marvelously around and in and out of itself with rhyme and reason just because it can. ... regardless of whether I want it to or not. It just does its' own thing and I go along for the ride. Anyway, so.... I can tell when people are being fake with me. I can tell when something is "off" with what they are telling me or talking about something. I can't always, put my finger on exactly what it is, but I can just tell something is there regardless. .. That being said: I understand when people keep parts of themselves hidden, however, I can tell when people keep parts of themselves hidden just to be "accepted." AND THAT DRIVES ME NUTS. I understand. But it drives me nuts. And then, I'm not really even mad at the person for being "fake" and untrue to who they are.. I'm more mad at the "they" aka the "commercialism" that drives individuals to convincing themselves that being like the "they" is how they need to be.

Another thing that makes me sad is when people put on a fake facade because they actually care what everyone else thinks. That is the worst.

I am sitting here watching one of my favorite films, American Beauty. It is about Lester Burhnam. He is married to an uptight fake real-estate agent, Caroline, and they have a daughter Jane. Jane is a dark beauty who is friends with a popular blonde fake girl from her school. Lester falls head over heels into lust for his daughter's best friend, and Caroline begins to have an affair with Buddy, a competitor in the real-estate world.
I think of Jane's mom in American Beauty when I think of people that care what everyone else thinks about their lives. When Buddy tells Caroline that "to be successful, one must constantly put on an image of success.." I cry a little inside. Because, it almost sounds right, but something is missing from what he said. Do not pretend to be successful.... Either you are or you aren't successful, but don't pretend to be, because acting successful your entire life will never make you successful. Be honest with yourself. If you want to be successful, be real: acknowledge reality, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful. Everything isn't cotton candy pink, and everything isn't dark, evil, scary. But nothing is anything without it all to balance each other out. (and you're thinking, oh, god, here she's about to go all Zen...) But yea, Seriously!!!

I love this movie, because it is about people finding what makes them alive, and it is about people that act and over-react a certain way they think they should be. And I beg you, dear reader, to Forget All Of That!! I beg you to forget what anyone else thinks, or says or does... What do You think? What do You say? What do You do?..... How are You?... Ask yourself these questions. Imagine living forever, in an ocean of time... A place where time doesn't end; it just keeps playing, and death isn't waiting at the end, because there is no end. Now, ask yourself, do you want to forever pretend to be someone you're not.. Or would you rather strive to be successful in the face of adversity, in the face of love, in the face of this stupid little life?.....

I had so much more to say about this movie, but it all boiled down to .. just.. be real. Keep it real. Please don't be fake. I would rather know I don't get along with the real you than get along with the fake you. And I'm not saying that to anyone, I'm just saying for everyone, real is the best policy. Plain and dry. So, have a good night, my dears. Tomorrow is another day. I will be another day older, and .... I don't know. *smile* And that's o.k. Life happens.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World

It is a Friday morning that I lay finger to keyboard once again. I have figured out the reason for my non-comital attitude towards blogging is brought on by the slowness of my computer; for which, I have no patience, hence I do not attempt the rigamarole to deal with it.

I can very much associate with Scott Pilgrim as his computer tells him he has e-mail (Imagine That!) and he is fascinated by it. I resembled him very much a few days ago when my cousin informed me of Google Chrome and Google Documents: There is Such A Thing!!!!!!!!!! But, my dear reader, I get ahead of myself: very ahead of myself.

As with all the transitions in one's life, I got caught up, how does one not. At Thanksgiving, I was caught up as a turkey is trussed up. By Christmas, I was perfectly wrapped up in the perfect box with a bow on top, only to be strewn in shredded confetti bits of ribbon and paper left over to be tossed about come New Year. And now...... I am still recovering from the aftermath. Was Christmas really only a mere two weeks ago?... It feels much longer past than that. Regardless of that, however, it has only been a few weeks. And to backtrack all the way to Thanksgiving, I resume the yarn where I sat down to watch Scott Pilgrim VS. The World.

The very beginning it is made abundantly clear by the graphics that the movie is in some way related to video games/comic books and/or anime. Scott Pilgrim is a twenty-two year old, who plays in a band and shares a loft apartment with a gay roommate. He begins dating a chinese high-schooler in a Catholic school, much to the chagrin of his friends who are of the opinion he is still grieving his past break up with ex-girlfriend-who-shall-not-be-named. Then (to steal the line from the back of box cover) the girl of his dreams, Quite Literally, shows up and so begins the rest of the movie. To date dream-girl, Ramona V. Flowers, he has to defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends. Throw into the mix the fact he still hasn't broken up properly with the high-schooler, and his own evil ex-girlfriend shows up.

There are so many poignant truths sprinkled throughout this pop treat, how do I wrap them all up into a summary to encompass them all sufficiently?.... I can't.. So, I'll bore you by telling you the majority of them. ..... Poo. Nevermind. It is all about relationships and what it all boils down to is there are two HUGE factors you should closely pay attention to when considering getting involved with anyone:

1. Being Honest.

2. Self Respect.

If you use and embody these two key elements, you will be on the road to success. And remember, in many situations, You are your Worst Enemy. Don't let yourself get in the way of being successful. We don't get a "replay" button in life, but that's o.k. That's how we learn, and trust me: if you think something is yours, let it go; if it comes back, it was always yours, if it does not come back, it never was.

Love gets confused as being a cage, or being something we can hide or live in...... I think that "love" is something we create as a result of forcing the "real love" to stay in one place. Love is a bird: a butterfly: it's own creature, entity, with a mind and life of its' own. When we "are in love" it is because this beautiful creature has alighted on our shoulders both: quiet as a whisper, and no matter how gentle or forceful we are with it, it will fly away, and float out of our reach. But that's just how love is. We cannot hold onto it, we cannot tie it down, we can only let it be what it is, and have trust and faith that it will come back. A lady once told me love is like a point on a page that breaks off into two lines going opposite directions, and eventually they bend back to meet up again forming a diamond shape, only to break off again. We both go out into the world our separate paths, but Love leads us back and rests on our shoulders when we get home.

Love is "fickle, impulsive, and spontaneous......"

And if you watch the movie, you'll see that's what Scott Pilgrim realizes after Ramona changes her hair color from raspberry to blue. Life is a game we get one shot at, so don't be afraid to make mistakes, and more importantly don't be afraid to learn from them.