Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spongebob SquarePants Movie

Hello my dears,

at this point, I don't know of anyone that follows my blog.. and sometimes I seriously ask myself who exactly it is that I'm writing to... And I guess, I feel like even if no one is reading this right now, for some reason, I just like knowing it is out there, that if randomly anyone comes across this and needs it, it is there. It's out there. It's out there to be found.

So, my dears,

here I am again blogging about.... Spongebob..... and not even the most recent film, I am talking about the first movie that came out some years earlier.  It is about Mr. Krabs who is opening a second Krusty Krab 2 restaurant, and Spongebob thinks he will get promoted to the new manager. I'm sure I can't ruin this movie for you, because the odds you will go out and watch this is very low.... I realize it is not a sophisticated adult film. It.... is a kids movie full of the subtle hidden innuendo etc.... BUT just in case, I won't say anything else to ruin it for you.

I used to watch more adult movies and they depressed me a lot... like... a lot. And I realize the more I blog, how I revert more and more to watching kids movies. They are simple. They .... yea. Are just simple.

 Now I'm not saying there don't come along adult movies I enjoy.. hmmmm.... I need to set some goals here to review some of those adult movies... Because there have been some recently that are very worthy of a review. ....

But ANYWAY back to Spongebob..
ya know what I love so much about Spongebob?
Other than he's a cute little sponge that lives.... in Bikini Bottom?... in a pineapple...... and has a best friend who is a starfish....

He is a goofy goober.

 He is just himself. and he cares about his work. He takes so much pride in it, it's ridiculous. He is passionate about what he does.... he is so innocently residing in the "adult world." He tries to bring out the child in the pessimistic grouchy Squidward tentacles.

Spongebob can get drunk off ice-cream.... That is an awesome quality.

and yet, there are still some pretty serious elements to Spongebob that is not light and fluffy.. Like King Neptune is convinced that Mr. Krabs stole his crown and is going to roast Mr. Krabs for it. ... Well, I don't know about you, but roasting someone with a fiery trident isn't really kid material... When I think about it, it makes me a bit queasy.. (and you're thinking, geez, if that makes her queasy, what does some of the stuff on the news do to her.... yea, it makes me crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head... but anyway, back to spongebob).....

Spongebob's first movie deals with elements like good work ethic, and compassion, and being comfortable with who you are and finding that inner strength you sometimes have to dig deep for.
Dont' underestimate the value of Spongebob's message... and even if you don't think you can glean anything substantial from it, maybe at least you could just get a laugh out of it. It makes me giggle- and who doesn't need a giggle?

So, have a good night, have a giggle on me- and sweet dreams my little fishies.

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