Thursday, April 9, 2015

Song of the Sea

It is getting late... well, late for me anyway, my loves. It is almost nine o'clock, past my bedtime, and I am up trying to watch the last half of this soulful little film- Song of the Sea.

This animation is by the same people that did The Secret of Kells, a film by Tom Moore. It seems so long ago that I reviewed that film. .....  but I remember it like yesterday... It was a warm spring day, the window was open to let a breeze in, and my laptop was resting on my stomach...... I remember it felt so melancholy... It felt like one of those lemon yellow days of spring that seem frozen in time, that never seem to end, that feel as if a week worth of time was spread in the space of eight hours of daylight.

So much has changed since then.... with me... and I can tell with the production studio as well... I remember the Secret of Kells had beautiful animation, but I yearned for a meatier plot and script. ....

well, This Song of the Sea proves the studio has matured and blossomed, and created a, not only beautiful gallery of animation, but put forth a satisfactory offering of story and characters.

The story takes place in Ireland.

It is about a brother and sister on an adventure, and about selkies... If you don't know what a selkie is, it's like the irish myth version of mermaids. [Another popular story of selkies is Ondine- an old classic recently made into a film with Colin Ferrell.]

I really don't  want to delve much more into the plot, it is rather simple, but it is compelling and worth the attention, and if you have the time, this is a pleasant way to spend an hour and half enjoying this children's film. Simply perfect.

I am sleepy and dozing off, I wish you all a good night, and to all..... (of course) a good night<3

with sweet dreams,

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