Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Silver Lining Playbook

Good evening my dears, usually I write about a movie or such, but today I wanted to share a poem I wrote about/to my departed car. I know it is just a "thing," but my cars hold a lot of sentimental value to me. I depend on them for so much, it seems I get attached to them. So, here it is... it started out as a journal entry and I felt like sharing it.

my poor baby Honda Civic- I donated it today to military families in need-it will be a tax write off.

I took out all the air freshers-

the ice cup

the starbucks cup

the cat tails

the fake poppy

the high heels

the lint roller(s)

the basketball

my sunglasses

my bags for goodwill

my seashells

It was quite a few little nothings

that meant a whole lot of everyone thing


upon a time-

a broken pregnant sad little girl's cars' engine welded together
leaving her

family leant her a hand so
she could
get to work
keep her job-her benefits-
her chin up

she got her silver lining-
and it carried her through quite a few
things. ...:
across states-
to the rescue-

goodbye my silver lining-

i hope you will be someone else's silver lining-

i know you will-

you took care of me, when
I needed it the most.

take care of my ghosts will you?

I'll miss them something one fierce

as I will you.

you lit up my night sky

at its' darkest pointe.

i will always love you.

always, my silver lining.

we'll always have the river.


read riding hood

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